427 thoughts on “The 10 Days That Changed My Life

  1. Breanna,

    Mom and I practically held our breath at your bedside for all 10 of those days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Oakland Children’s Hospital.

    We want to thank all the friends, family and strangers who prayed for you and our family.

    Your speedy recovery is making mom and I look like liars πŸ™‚ but we don’t care … we’re just happy we’re back again as a Family of Four.

    Alex Mandossian
    (a.k.a. Breanna’s Dad)

  2. Dear Breanna,

    We’re friends of your Mom and Dad’s. From the moment we heard you were ill, you were on our minds and in our hearts. As we meditated on you, we saw you as strong and healthy. We felt your strong spirit. That spirit, with the efforts and prayers of others, pulled you through. We are so happy that you are alive and well – and back in the arms of your family and friends.

    Life is sweet.

    You are beautiful.

    With love,

    Stephen and Alice Josephs

  3. Bree,

    Thank you for being so brave and strong and pulling through. You are the most special little girl on the planet to me and I just knew we would have more days like the one just a few days before you got sick. playing bocee ball, ping pong watching movies, and laughing.

    I am so proud of you and how strong you have been through this whole process.

    You are so special to me, you are like a little sister/psudo daughter/friend/teacher and mentor all wrapped up in a beautiful little 8-year old package.

    I love you so much and am so happy you are in my life. To Alex, Aimee & Gabe, your faith, strength, love and commitment is a true inspiration.

    Love, Health and Joy,
    Bonnie Bruderer

  4. Breanna,

    I do a lot of work with your Dad and I’ve heard him tell stories about you and Gabe over the years … Some of the stories made him laugh when he told them, some made him cry… I’ve seen his face light up when he talks about you and Gabe… He loves you so very much!

    Then, a couple weeks ago, I saw your Dad and Mom pour out everything they had in their hearts with hopes and prayers that you would get better.

    I saw your Mom and Dad’s passion for you and their belief you would pull through. Your Mom and Dad’s belief was so contagious, it caused many others of us to believe and pray for you as well.

    Mom and Dad were right! You made it through! πŸ˜‰

    I want you to know that my family and I prayed for you too, and we believed you would soon be ok.

    I am so happy for you that you can run and play and go back to school and hang out with Gabe, and that you can rest in Mom and Dad’s arms knowing that everything is ok.

    Welcome home, Breanna…

    Eric, Amy, Lyndsey, Logan and Lauryn Lingenfelter

  5. Breanna,
    I am so, so glad that you came through all of this so wonderfully well! How brave and loved you are!
    So happy for you and your family that you are all safely and happily back together again.
    Hope I see you in person next week when I come over for the Men’s Group with your dad.
    Much love,
    Matt Weinstein

  6. Hi Breanna, I did pray for you, I loved your video – I like a lot of the same things so it made me smile.
    Maybe one day we can get together and play and our brothers could play together tool , I think we would have a lot of fun and be good friends. I am very happy that you are better,
    Love Isabel

  7. Dear Breanna
    We are all very happy that you are better! Hope 2011 is good for you πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Breanna
    I did pray for you , I really like your video , I like a lot of the same things so it made me smile. It would be great to get together and play , our brothers could play together too! I think it would be a lot of fun and we would be good friends. I am very happy that you are better
    Love Isabel
    (p.s. I love your dog! )
    (pps sorry if you get this message twice – i dont know if my first one went through πŸ™‚ )

  9. Breanna,

    On this special day, I want to express my total and deepest appreciation to all of the people who prayed for your recovery. It truly is a miracle that you are here with us and the power of prayer has never been so evident in my life.

    Even though I was with my sister in New Mexico for most of those ten days, you were in my heart and prayers constantly.

    I was so happy to be able to come home finally and see you recovering on the 9th and 10th day in the Children’s Hospital in Oakland, watching you eat pizza with Gabe.

    This was the happiest Christmas holiday I can remember sharing with you and your family in all of your little 8 years of life. It truly is a blessing to have you in my life.

    Your “faerie” god mother
    Leela Hutchison

  10. Hi Breanna,
    Its Grandpa. Most of all I love you with all my heart and soul,
    and I am so grateful you did not leave us in this lifetime.
    I love looking at your pictures. Your life keeps love alive for me;
    and all of us. . .so I want to “Thank YOU”.

    See you soon. . .hugs, Grandpa

  11. Breanna,

    You are one amazing fighter! When I saw you for the first time in the PICU, I knew you were going to find your way back to us…and you DID! We love you very, very much! Alex and Grace cannot wait to play with you and Gabe again soon. Uncle Arthur and I cannot wait to give you a HUGE hug and lots and lots of kisses. I think it’s time to go out and have some sushi too. πŸ™‚

    Auntie, Uncle, Alex, and Grace

  12. Dear Breanna,

    I’ve known You and Gabe through conversations with your Mom and Dad. Your parents love you soooooo much and thanks to your strength, their love and the prayers of thousands, you have given everyone another miracle to experience.

    As a dad myself, i can only imagine the experience your parents had b/c the love for a child cannot be compared to anything else on the planet.

    A few years back a best friend of mine spent 6 months in ICU and we were there everyday helping him hang on and then recover from a very rare disease that had him on life support for months. Every day was a reminder of how fragile and important life can be and at the same time…how important it is to not take life too seriously…just to Be HAPPY and enjoy every single moment.

    You have been given a wonderful gift of life and I know you’re going to be a blessed child. Know that you are loved and appreciated in this lifetime and we are all glad you are blessing us with that beautiful smile and wonderful soul.

    Have Fun and Create YOUR Ultimate Life!!!

    Your new Fans and extended Family,
    Jim, Michele and Teagan (4 Year old son) Bunch

  13. Hi Breanna,

    What an inspirational video that brought tears to my eyes as I watched your miraculous recovery. Thank you for sharing your story of recovery that I’m sure will be able to give hope to others.

    Thank you Alex for sharing your daughter’s real life testament to the power of prayer and support. I’m truly thankful for your example of being a father and husband to your family.

    With a grateful heart,
    Kim Beasley

  14. Breanna,
    I was coaching at UIBC when I learned of your challenge for us to leapfrog over your dad and support your family from afar so he could be with you.

    All of us were honored to be there for him and to pray and send our most powerful thoughts and energy your way. You are truly a gift and allowed us to pull together like never before.

    I have never before felt the power I felt in that room of 340-ish people at UIBC, holding hands and sending you prayers all at the same time. How could God not have let you recover quickly with us and so many others telling Him how important and loved you are.

    As you thank us, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your miracle.

    Kelly Rudolph β™₯

  15. Dear Breanna,

    I was thinking of you and praying for you. I also contacted three of my friends who are very very very good at praying for people. They are like praying healing wizards. One is named Roger Strong. One is called Craig Wagstaff, he is a special kind of a doctor in Canada. And one is called Dell Morris. He is a cowboy healer and rides a horse in Montana. Not kidding you, its for real. We were all praying for you and setting intentions for you because we all know that you are a special girl. We know that you have gifts to give, and you have healing that you will bring to people too, as you get older and bigger. The way that you heal people may be different than how you have been healed here: it might be with helping people get clearer about money or work, or feeling good about themselves and their family. It might be helping people to heal the earth or animals. Or it might be with their bodies too. But I know, and we all know that you are now and will continue to be a very special person in many many people’s lives, and then other people will be making videos to thank YOU for the way you help them. I send you blessings on your life, and loud cheers for all the great things you will do and create. With love from your friend, Arjuna

  16. My Sweet Breanna,

    When your dad called me on that Friday, as he was following the ambulance to Children’s Hospital, I felt in my heart you were not going to leave us now. Your dad must have called me 6 or 7 times that Friday telling me what was happening to you in the ICU. I immediately called Father Kevork and explained what had happened. He told me he would be lighting a candle, and would leave it lit until you were out of harm’s way.

    There were several churches in the Pasadena area that had special prayers said in your name for your speedy recovery.

    I mailed a host (nshkhark) to your Nanna and told her to please put it under your pillow. God has listened to all of our prayers and you are well.

    I love you so much! Stay healthy hokees…
    Grandma Carol

  17. Breanna,

    You are one amazing fighter! When I first saw you in the PICU, I knew you were going to come back to us…and you DID! We love you very, very much!

    Alex and Grace can’t wait to play with you and Gabe again soon. They miss you very much! Uncle Arthur and I want to give the biggest hug and lots and lots of kisses when we see you.

    I think it’s time to go out and have sushi too! πŸ™‚

    Auntie, Uncle, Alex, and Grace

  18. Dearest Breanna,
    I feel as though I know you by the stories your dad has shared with so many of us. I am thankful that I was able to be among many and held you close to my heart and prayers. Because of His mercy and healing powers, I rejoice in knowing that I will meet you someday soon. Thank you for creating an amazing video of gratitude. I know there is a bigger plan for your life and can’t wait to see it unfold. My wishes for your continued health and prosperity continue.

    Hugs and much love,
    Beth Neibert

  19. Hi Breanna,

    I was one of thousands and I’m glad to see our prayers were answered! You’re an inspiration to us all, so keep growing…keep smiling…and being the unique daughter, sister, grand daughter and friend to many, that you are!

    Best wishes for the New Year and beyond!

    Dan Safkow

  20. Dear Breanna,
    I am Leela’s sister in New Mexico. When your grandpa told Leela about
    your illness, she was very worried and sad. We bought white candles and
    lit them and prayed for your recovery. We cried and prayed and prayed.

    I know that prayer is very powerful and you are blessed with the love
    of many people, some you don’t even know. Thank you for sharing your life and experience and may you stay healthy and strong always.
    With love,
    Marsha Hutchison-Heard

  21. Dear Breanna,

    I prayed for you too, and was so relieved when I heard the news from the UIBC in Orlando that you were going home. You are a precious angel for your family and the world. I am so glad that you recovered so quickly and completely.

    Jacqueline Green

  22. Breanna,
    You are so beautiful and strong. And now I know you understand that we are all in this together. All those prayers and all that love sent to you and surrounding you helped your body and your spirit to heal. And I know you helped your parents and your brother to be reminded that nothing is more important, nothing is more powerful than love. Just know and remember that you are loved.

  23. Breanna, thank you for sharing your 10 day journey. It was I am certain an emotional roller coaster for you, Gabe, Mom, Dad and the rest of your family and friends. You were certainly courageous in your struggle as were your family and friends. You are a very special person, and you have a wonderful mission and purpose in this life. May you be blessed in your ongoing development, and may you continue to share that warm and beautiful smile on your continued and ongoing journey.

  24. Breanna, let your light always shine. You sure ARE a…..
    CHOSEN Child of not only your AWESOME mom and dad, but GOD..

    Life your life with purpose and zest. Thank you for sharing your story with our family. It touched my heart at the deepest point.

    Laugh Loud on purpose! Sending you Love and Light.

    In GOD Speed,

    Marilyn Angelena and Family

  25. Breanna, I am so glad you are back to being a fun little girl again. Life is so precious and I know you will enjoy yours much more now.
    Now and for as long as you are on this earth, always remember that God is only a prayer away and that you are his special child.

    I am glad you are back to being a family of four. Grow and have a good time and enjoy your life.

    with love and best wishes….Cynthia Alexander, Dallas, TX

  26. Hi Breanna,
    I am glat that you are well again:-)
    All the best and got wishes to you
    Do things you like and have fun with ok?
    A big smily πŸ™‚ here from Germany:-)

    Patrick Schuppe

  27. Grace and Blessings My Child,
    Perhaps you’ll never meet the Prayer Warriors from the City of Detroit. We’re a long way from Cali! But your Daddy’s stuff he do at work has Touched our Lives. Perhaps even your Dad, don’t Know How many Prayin’ folk are among TheZamZuuNation. We Love our Kids! You, My Dear Breanna, are in Our Village and we’re Praying for your Continued recovery. Stay Strong and remember you Got Folks in Detroit who got your Back!
    Brother Greg and Sister Carmen Snead
    p.s. You got Homework…Pray for all the Kids in the ICU’s at The Childrens Hospital of Michigan at http://www.childrensdmc.org/

  28. Dear Breanna,

    I was at Discover Your Destiny when Janet Attwood informed us about the fact that you were fighting for your life. My heart sank to hear this news as I felt that I knew you because your dad has shared stories of you and your brother at the seminar I was at in September in Los Angeles.
    We had a room of about 200 people and probably more than 300 people watching on line while we all prayed for your speedy recovery.The energy in the room was soooo strong.
    I loved your video and feel so grateful for showing us who you are. I look forward to hearing more about you as you grow up. Thank You for sharing your experience with me. It is very inspiring.
    To great fun adventures in 2011.

    big hugs,

  29. Breanna-

    When I heard how sick you were my heart went out to you and your family. As a mommy of a little boy who spent some time in the hospital in September, I know how beside themselves your parents must have been. Our family prayed for you and your family!

    As moms and dads we get so attached to you amazing creatures. There is a quote that says “To become a parent is to have your heart walking around outside your body.” I know how much your parents love you.

    You are a living miracle and a walking treasure on this earth! It’s so wonderful to hear you are doing so well!

    Much love,

    Kirsten Nelson

    You are a miracle and a treasure on this earth!

  30. Dear Breanna,

    What a brave and strong fighter. We were thinking and praying for you. You are a beautiful and amazing girl who has a special gift to give. Thank God for the power of prayers and for YOU!

    We look forward to seeing you again sometime in 2011.

    With lots of love,

    Layla, Jim, Blake and Amira

  31. Hi Breanna,

    So glad to know that you are well again….. I have a little poem for you written by a wonderful wise Persian poet called Kabir. Whenever I need to remember the power of prayer, I tell myself this poem – and it has travelled with me through my life.

    I hope you like it and take it with you through yours:

    When the Fragrance of the I am He
    is upon the Wind,
    The Bee of the Heart finds the Flower
    of it’s choice,
    and nestles there,
    caring for no other thing.

    This poem has always reminded me how much we are loved…..
    and has taken me on many adventures.

    Michael Eccles – Wales, UK

  32. Wow, Breanna!

    What a brave and strong young woman you are! You have come through a journey that’s tougher than most people 10 times your age haven’t had to face. I am so happy to hear you have recovered and back on your feet.

    I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and working with your Dad for quite a few years now, and I know how precious you and Gabe are to him. It’s clear from his eyes every time he mentions you. Your mom is pretty amazing too and as a mom of three myself, I can only imagine how relieved and thankful they must be feeling.

    It’s a great lesson for all of us to never underestimate how powerful love and faith are, and a reminder to not take anything for granted. Life is an amazing gift. Watching your video has sunk that reminder even deeper into my heart and will change how I am as a mom and a woman in the world – so I thank YOU, Breanna, for that!

    Wishing you health, happiness and great joy in all things, Breanna!

    Love and light
    Carolyn Ellis
    Toronto, ON

    PS – I loved that beautiful dress you wore in Bali!

  33. Breanna,

    Thanks SO much for sharing your video, and your LIFE with the world. You are an INSPIRATION to us all. You remind us of what really matters. You share PERSPECTIVE, STRENGTH, HOPE, and LOVE.

    Your story reminds me of what happened when my oldest daughter, now 20 years old and a Junior in college, spent to much time with our family pet Iguana… He was only 4 inches when we bought him… then 4 FEET when he put her in the emergency room fighting for HER life.

    You are an AMAZING young lady and you come from an AMAZING family.

    From Elizabeth (my wife), Alexandra (my 3rd Grader!), Brendon (my 23 year old who’s now bigger than I am) and Shayna (my 20 Year Old former Iguana owner), and me… we wish you and your family Health and Happiness in the coming New Year and many many more to come.

  34. Hi Breanna
    Wow what an amazing girl you are! We have not met but I have heard so much about you – your Dad once described you to me as a “warrior princess” , you have certainly proved your strength to us all. My children Isabel and Calum have already sent you messages , we three held you close in our thoughts and prayers whilst you were ill. Hearing that you were well again was the best Christmas present any of us could have asked for! Lots of love to you
    Elizabeth xx
    (a.k.a. Calum & Isabel’s Mum πŸ™‚ )

  35. Hi Breanna,

    I just finished watching your beautiful video and I must tell you I have tears running down my face of joy and gratitude. I am so thankful everything worked out so well.

    You see, I have three boys who are around your age … 8,7 and 5 and as I listened to your Dad talk on his cell phone during your 10 days, my heart went out to him and to you. He was strong. We all prayed and you got better.

    You are such a beautiful girl who is loved by so many.

    With love to you,
    Chuck Goetschel

  36. Hi Breanna,

    As a student of your dad’s, I definitely remember him always expressing his love and pride for you and Gabe whenever he was training us. You kids were obviously the light of his life and I am so glad that you are shining brightly again.

    Two of the greatest gifts in life are gratitude and love. As you grow up in life, always be grateful and loving and you will always be blessed.

    Khaliq Glover aka Khaliq-O-Vision

  37. Hi Bree

    You are a warrior. This incredible journey that you went on has touched soooo many lives; including mine. I couldn’t believe what your dad was
    telling me that Friday morning when he called in tears. It took me a while to register what was happening but in my heart, throughout your 10-day journey there was never a moment I didn’t truly believe that you wouldn’t be OK. And you proved me right!!!

    You are a fighter and an inspiration. Your experience has taught me so many things but most important it reassured me that faith, healing and the power of prayer works.

    I’m looking forward to many more bocce ball tournaments and FUN times!

    You are AMAZING.
    ~ Abby

  38. Breanna,

    We are so happy for you to be feeling great again! My husband and I were in the UIBC3 class your dad was supposed to be teaching when you were sick. When we found out what happened, we were all glad that he was able to be with you.

    When the class got to see the picture of you in the hospital, all 300+ of us joined hands and had a moment of silent prayer for you to be healed and whole.

    Our family understands just what you and your family went through during your illness. We know exactly what it’s like to have a child and later a grandchild in intensive care… transferred from one hospital to another… many prayers offered for healing. We also know that whether in life or in death, all of us are in God’s hands.

    You are blessed with amazing health, an amazing family and many opportunities to learn and to contribute to the joy in this world.
    I look forward to seeing what you choose to do with your life as you grow up.

    May blessings continue to flow to you!
    Jo Lyn Cornelsen

  39. Dear Sweet Bree,

    I am so glad you are feeling so much better. I thought of you and sent as much love and light as I could while you were ill, and I am so grateful that you are now well. You are such a fighter. You have such a wonderful spirit and big heart. And such a sweet smile. I miss you! I miss our talks, and our fun when I stay over at your house. I miss your laughter. I shall have to come and visit real soon, now that you are better! Thank you for telling your story so all can see how beautiful and brave you are. And how wonderful a family you have, and how much you all love each other. I hope you keep telling your adventures! And that you continue to make these videos. You are such an angel.

    Much love,
    Marcia xoxoxo

  40. Dear Breanna,
    Thank you for sharing your story with so many of us. This is a beautiful and very moving video reflection of your journey. You are a brave and courageous girl and the world is very lucky that all that praying and good thoughts and your strength and your family and your gifted medical team pulled you through.

    Life is such an amazing gift. I know, I’ve survived cancer twice and I live with type 1 diabetes, and our health is a beautiful and precious thing. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t pray & meditate in profound gratitude for every day here on earth.

    We are all so connected!
    In Love and Light,
    Mari Ruddy

  41. Dear Sweet Breanna,

    That must have been a really scary experience!!! I bet all of those needles and tubes kind of hurt too!!!

    I’m so happy that you recovered in time to be with your family for Christmas. I also feel very grateful that I was asked to pray for you! It’s fun to help someone else heal and get better!

    Much love to you!!!

    She She

  42. Hi Breanna,

    I’m so glad you are smiling again.
    You are so special and loved by everybody in the world.
    Your dad taught me and my friends a lot of
    beautiful things sincerely.

    Be well and enjoy your brownies!(I love them,too)

    Waka from Vancouver BC Canada

  43. Dear Breanna, Alex, Mom and Gabe,
    I was at UIBC #4, where I knew something must be very wrong for your Dad, not to be training our rowdy bunch! We were told that he had ‘a family emergency’. I sent love and light right away even tho I did not know exactly what was wrong. Your Dad spoke to us all via video, and I could see in his face that he had been on a very scary journey, which we later found out, was watching vigil over you while you were fighting for your life. When we were told on the last day that you were on your way home, I was overjoyed to think of you all being reunited again.
    You are a very special little girl, and I send a massive big hug to you and your family. Welcome Home Breanna!
    With love and light to you all,
    Kandi Wood
    Eco Straw House

  44. Dear Breanna,

    I have never met you or your family. I was suppose to meet your dad at UIBC in Orlando however, he of course wanted and needed to be with you and your family while you were getting better in the hospital. We at UIBC heard about you and we all prayed and wished you a speedy recovery. I am so happy to hear that you are doing much better.

    Breanna I am a Pediatrician that works in a hospital taking care of kids that get admitted to the hospital just like you did. There is no better satisfaction than seeing a sick child get better and have there life back. Your video is very touching and I hope you enjoyed the holidays and new years!!!

    To Life!!!

    Alon Leibovitz M.D.

  45. Hi Breanna,
    I am one of the strangers that prayed and watched you during the UIBC3 that your dad supposed to be in. I was looking forward to seeing your dad but I found out that you were rushed to hospital, I started crying. I have two kids of my own so I know how important it is for your dad to be there beside you. I am so glad that you are 100% better. While I am typing this comment my tears pours down my cheeks. God Bless you always. I wished, I’ll meet you and your family one day.
    with prayers,
    Len and family

  46. Hi Breanna,

    I am so glad to hear that you have recovered so well. I was among many at UIBC in Los Angeles who were in shock when we heard what happened. I can tell you that all of the people in the room were praying and sending love to you and your family everyday.

    It was amazing to see your story and how you were able to spend Christmas with your family. It is truly a blessing from above.

    With love from Canada,

    Lori Sunderman

  47. Hello Breanna,

    One can sit and ponder why something like this would happen in the first place but there are no answers… except the answers of what blessings can come out of it. Your courage, determination and the love that shines from you will give hope to so many others. This was a beautiful video that filled our hearts with joy to see your smiling face after the storm, once the rainbow appeared.

    You are a special angel placed here by God and you’re here for a reason. We send you and your family our love and prayers for an amazing life ahead.

    With love,
    Mary & Ted

  48. Thank you for sharing your story Breanna… what an incredible story and I am so grateful that you are here with us to share it! You sure gave everyone a big scare!!

    Thankfully, the power of love and prayer combined with your will, strength and determination kept you here… As a mom I know that must have been the hardest week of your parents life – the love they have for you can never be put into words. I feel your Dad’s love for you and Gabe everytime he speaks of you:)

    You are an angel and you are here to do AMAZING things Breanna! Thank you for the reminder to appreciate and live each day – one never knows what will happen… and thank you for showing all of us that the power of love and prayer really work…

    I am so grateful for you and your health… I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world now!

    Sending you more love, light and positive healing energy πŸ™‚

    (I’m going to go give my kids an extra big hug and kiss!!!)

    With Joy and Appreciation,
    Stephanie Moxey

  49. Hey… what a miracle…

    first of all, I am especially thrilled that your video was closed-captioned! I was able to “see” you speak as you can see I am Deaf.

    Your video touched me deeply. I am the mother of a 13 year old daughter. I could only imagine what your parents were going through!

    And yes, I was one of thousands who prayed to our Heavenly Father for your speedy recovery and asked that His Will be Done for only He knew what’s the best and whether your mission here on Earth is about to be over or not.

    Obviously it’s not over, and you are truly here, very much alive now for a reason…

    Breanna, the one person, you ought to thank is your Heavenly Father for your miraculous recovery… we were only His Earth’s angels who petitioned with Him that you be well… and He heard us… so be it!

    I was at UIBC#3 when I learned that your father was not able to come, and that Andrew Lock- an awesome Brit had taken over… so I knew it was a serious situation and I have silently prayed in my heart all day for the best for your family during that whole week and then joined hands with the whole Wolf Pack during a silent prayer.

    May your 2011 and beyond be an awesome journey! πŸ™‚

  50. How very wonderful that you are healthy again! I was in the group at UIBC in December so I knew of your challenges.

    Thank you for sharing and allowing us to be reminded how precious life is. Wishing you many, many, many years of health and happiness!

    Diane Nelson

  51. I was one of many who prayed for you at the UIBC workshop. We had heard that your Dad was not there due to a family emergency, and I was wanting to know that his family was OK. I’m so glad that he shared such personal matters with us, and with tears in eyes prayed for you. A few days later, it was so wonderful to see pictures of you getting better, and now those were tears of joy! Thanks for creating this video for all of us to enjoy.
    Warm wishes to you and your family,

  52. Bree,

    You are a pillar of strength, hope, and love! It was such a blessing to hear of your miraculous, fast recovery at the end of our UIBC camp! Your recovery represents a moment of truth: Anything can be accomplished in this world with love and support. I’m so happy for you and your family . . .many smiles for your brilliant future πŸ™‚

    You go girl!


    P.S. Here’s to many more years of dressing up as a Diva for Halloween! ; )

  53. Dear Breanna,

    You are such a brave little girl and your story has really touched my heart. I was attending your daddy’s class when we heard the news about your sudden illness. You see, I have an 8 year old little girl named Alexandra, aka Little Miss Alex. She is happy and healthy just like you. It broke my heart to think that either one of you could suddenly be fighting for your life. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

    I am so grateful you pulled through all of this because you have a very special family who cares so much about you. Your family grew from four to over 300 that week because your daddy’s students were sending you lots of positive energy and healing prayers. I’m glad they worked!! You also did your part and didn’t stop fighting!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us and letting us know how you are doing. Life is very precious and I hug my daughter even tighter now knowing that things can change in an instant.

    You are AMAZING!

    Much love,


  54. Dear Breanna,
    Even though I saw most of these pictures before, I still got teary and have a big lump in my throat. I was at the UIBC whien you where in ICU and prayed for you and asked after you and care about you as if you where one of my kids or grandkids. May You continue to Walk with G-d in all things.
    Love and Light,

  55. Dear Bree…You are one special kid! I LOVE this video! I am so happy to hear you are well! All of us at the workshop were very emotional about what you were going through that week. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know you are “back in the saddle”. So are you allergic to your dog Ginger? and that is what compromised your breathing? Bless your heart! I know your family is strong and full of love. It was an honor to shower you with prayers! Thanks for Pulling through!!!!! With Love, Barbara Tapella

  56. Breanna, it appears that you are to have a most extraordinary life as great challenges are only given to Great Souls. Although we have not met I can see you have already attained the wisdom and appreciation that most labor a lifetime to find. There is great love in this world for you.


  57. Dear Breanna,
    I’m one of the people from UIBC3 in LA who was so touched by what happened to you and who prayed (very hard) for you and I’m so thankful that our prayers were heard and that you are fully recovered.
    I love your beautiful Thank You video!

    Much love from Kristin Steinholt
    (playing with horses in Golden, Colorado)

  58. Breanna,

    You are such a fighter, you must get that from your Dad!

    What a powerful story, I was at the UIBC in Los Angeles when your Dad was originally supposed to lead the course. We all sat in shock as we heard the bad news. However, as we all prayed for you, I had a sense of relief, and knew in my heart you would be ok.

    I am so glad you had a speedy recovery, and now you can add many blessings to people’s lives for years to come:)

    Emmie Olivas

  59. Breanna,

    I’m so happy to see that you’re doing well again. I was attending the UIBC program that your dad was scheduled to teach. We all were very concerned when we heard what had happened to you and as Jo Lyn told you, we joined hands and sent you a prayer for fast recovery. By our last day of the seminar, we learned you were doing much better which was great news.

    Continued good health to you. Michele Garrick Nave

  60. Dear Breanna:
    Thank you so much for posting your 10 days history when my husband and I were in LA UIBC class anxiously wondering how you were doing. I sent my spiritual healing to you and your family immediately when I heard about your condition during the class. We both are medical doctors and naturally we were talking about your differential diagnosis and your treatment during those days. Toward the end of our seminar I was very happy to hear that you were going to be all right. I thank all the helpful beings (visible and invisible) to help you recover. In your video you mentioned that you are allergic to your beloved dog. I just want to let you know that there are ways to clear allergy reaction with energy reprogramming. I have used that techniques for more than 15 years with amazing success. Please visit http://www.naet.com and see if this is something you and your parents want to pursue. I will be happy to answer questions about this type of treatment. We love your father. He is an excellent and inspiring teacher. He is not only teaching us internet skill but also life skill, such as love, compassion, responsibility etc. I have been student in my whole life and know that a good teacher is hard to come. When we find one we grab him. You are very blessed to have such a caring person as your father. With God’s Love and Light
    Dr. Elizabeth: http://www.chimedicalcenter.com

  61. Dear Breanna,

    Thanks for being you and for all the love
    you have in your own heart and life.
    YOU are very brave and strong and beautiful.
    And I am so glad you stayed with us.
    I am so happy you are healthy and back
    to having fun and living your life.

    Sometimes, an intense situation occurs
    and we all get to remember what is MOST
    important — loving each other — whether
    we know each other directly or not.

    I believe we are all connected through love
    and praying for you and your family
    and for you to get better and have a great
    Christmas and life made me realize
    how true it is.

    I am so happy you are better.
    My heart is overflowing with gratitude.
    Sometimes gifts come in disguise.
    You getting better is the best gift.

    I also got to remember, we can make
    all the plans we want but we are not in
    charge of what really happens in life.
    And when something really challenging
    happens, we can ask for help, feel all the
    love that’s surrounds us and know that
    God is bigger than the problem and let
    the miracles in — and that feels sooo good!

    Every time I think of you — I am happy
    and grateful and I remember how good
    God and the Universe are and how good
    people are and how much we all want
    the best for each other — no matter what.

    I am so glad you are better and feeling great.
    That is the best present ever!

    I love you and your Dad and your whole
    family and now you will always have a special
    place in my heart! You certainly are a Radiant
    Joy Maker — an angel of love, light and miracles.
    You made all of us very happy!

    Much love and light and good health,

    Ali De Prisco

  62. Breanna,

    I loved watching your video. You are a darling young lady. I’m thrilled that you are home again with your loving family.

    We missed seeing your dad at our training in Orlando but we were also extremely happy he could be with you, by your bedside. That was absolutely the most important place for him to be. I know that because I have spent thousands of hours at the Children’s Hospital in Denver by my son’s bedside. My son is no longer with us and I would not exchange one minute of the time I spent next to him in the hospital.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You are beautiful and we are all excited for your full recovery.


    Gaylene Preston
    Golden, Colorado

  63. I can’t even begin to imagine what this must have been like for you and your family. One thing is really clear though and that is the love you all have for each other. At the end of the day that is what gets us through. I am so glad that you are home and better! Keep showing us how to enjoy life. πŸ™‚

  64. Breanna,

    You dad brags about you and Gabe so much. I am so glad that you survived such a scary ordeal. Life is so precious and everyone one on the planet is important.

    keep being an inspiration to others and keep making your parents proud.
    I look forward to meeting you and your brother someday.

    Eric L. Smith

  65. Bonjour Breanna

    I am not good at writting nice letters, and I bet your spelling is better than mine…!
    I don’t know how to pray, never been taught how to, but I know for sure that my heart was 110% with you. When I found out about your problem at
    UIBC in Florida and heard your dad talking about you with so much love and passion, I knew deep in me, that, that amount of love would save you!
    I am truly happy to learn today that you pulled through and had a wonderful Christmas.

  66. Dear Sweet Breanna,

    I wasn’t at UIBC but I know your dad from the Peaks events. I heard about you from my friend who was at UIBC and stopped immediately to say a prayer for you and your family and all the people at the hospital working with you and your family. Your father is a very special man and everyone who heard about you knew that he was in the right place being by your side. I know that you are a very brave and strong young lady and you have a special purpose here on this earth with us all! Thank you for sharing your dad with us and I hope that we get to meet you in person in the very near future!

    Joan Pounds
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  67. Dear Brianna,
    As much as we missed your daddy at UIBC, we were happy that he could be with you when you needed to all be together as a family. And your daddy is a really smart man, because he sent his fabulous team to be with us in his absence. I am happy that all of our prayers were answered and that you are healthy again. You are such a gift to your family. Your dad speaks of his family with so much love in his heart that I think that his will alone would have been enough, but you had hundreds and hundreds of us, your unknown family, backing him up with healing and loving prayers. Stay well, Breanna, be sweet to Gabe, and tell your family every day how much you love them.
    With love and all best wishes,
    Donna Miller

  68. Hi Breana,
    I love your video! Thank you! Where did you go those first three days? Do you remember? I was at UIBC in L.A. and when Andrew told us about your situation, a lump rose in my throat and tears stung my eyes imagining how this was for your family and friends. But when I “tuned” into you, I felt a deep peacefulness on your end. It was a relief to close my eyes and tune into you, I could feel your life force strongly and the rich healing, loving and safe energy that was cocooning your body as you travelled. Welcome back and much love to you and your family. It’s humbling to think our prayers helped you find your way back. Tosh Hyodo, Vancouver, BC

  69. Hi Breanna,

    My eight year old daughter and I just watched your video and we were so very impressed….not just by the video but by the strength of your spirit and loving gratitude. While you were in the hospital I was at UIBC3 far from my own child. The news of your predicament hit hard. I am overjoyed the prayers we sent out were answered, and that you were gracious enough to send word of your recovery. I thank you thank you thank you for being such a shining star and reminder of all that really matters in this universe.
    If you ever come to Colorado you should join us on the slopes for a day of fun…we’d love to show you around!
    Holly and Toril
    Summit County, CO

  70. Hi Breanna,

    Your ‘Thank You’ is awesome!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us and for being such an amazing testament to the healing power of prayer. I was at UIBC when we all learned you were in the hospital…everyone in the room was so moved to pray for you. I was thrilled when your father called us back to tell us the good news about you recovering. I don’t know you Breanna, but I have done trainings with your father and hold him in such high regard. It was heartbreaking to imagine what he and your family were going through while you were ill. I am thankful for you all that you recovered and are seemingly back to your lovely, playful self!

    Warmest Regards,
    Pamela Pollock

  71. Yes, I was one of those people who prayed for you. It was so neat to have a room full of over 300 people in a hotel in LA who not only asked for time during our conference to pray for you…they demanded it!

    I am so happy to see the pictures of you at Christmas and that you are back at home healthy and happy. I have three little daughters 7, 4, and 1 who would love to meet you some day. Tell your daddy that I am great friends with one of his friends, Rick Sapio so someday we may all end up meeting each other.

    Until then. God Bless You

    Ken Adams

  72. Hi Breanna,

    You are awesome. It is so nice to see you have recovered and doing well
    I am one of the strangers who was at a UIBC event that your Dad was supposed to be in. I was looking forward to seeing your Dad but I found out that he had a family emergency. I have three kids of my own so I know how important it is for your Dad to be there beside you. I have been in the ICU also with 2 of my kids and my heart goes out to you and your family as it is a very difficult time on a family. I look forward to seeing more of you on your great website.

    Lots of love and hugs

    Billy Coen

  73. Hi Breanna,

    I’m so delighted to see you enjoying your life again. And I’m sure you know how precious it is. Do you believe you had this experience for a reason? How has this changed your view on life?

    I heard about your tragic event in L.A. when you’re dad was suppose to teach there at UIBC3. You had all of us scared.
    Now that you’re full of life again, I’ve also learned something. The power of love and community can make miracles happen.

    I pray that you continually touch many people’s lives because there must be something very special about you πŸ™‚
    Live it up Breanna.

  74. Breanna,

    This video is lovely, heart felt, and touching. I was at UIBC3 while you were having this experience. And Yes, you and your family were in my prayers. You are such a precious young lady to make this to thank us all.
    We sent you prayer, energy, and reiki for your recovery and we kept up with your progress while we were in class. l have not meet your father. You are truly blessed to have this man who gives to others as he does and to make family the top priority.
    I am grateful to be his student.
    You continue to grow enjoying your youth and this time of your life. Continuous Blessings to you and your family.


    Shirley Pettis

  75. Dear Breanna
    I was one of the many people that prayed for your speedy recovery. I was at the UIBC in LA when Andrew shared the news about your sudden illness, and as a father of a beautiful 2 year old named Faith, I could only imagine what was going on for your Dad. I am so grateful that our thoughts and prayers helped and speeded you on the road to recovery. I look forward to hearing more about you in the future. Your Dad always mentions you and Gabe when he is at an event and it is obvious how proud he is of both of you. May Spirit bless you all the days of your very long life.

    Mark Johnson
    (a.k.a Faith’s Dad)

  76. Dear Breanna,

    Thank you for taking the time to create this heartfelt, touching and endearing video telling a very special story of a very scary time in your and your Dad, Mom and Gabe’s lives.

    We are so grateful for this wonderful ending to a scary time for all! I was taking the UIBC training in Los Angeles when you were still in PICU. I prayed for you and sent you healing Reiki energy when the group of more than 300 took a few minutes to pray and send you energy. Your Dad called after that and we were soooooo relieved that you were doing better. Before we left we got to see a couple of pictures to know you doing better. Your smile was precious and a breath of fresh air for many!!!

    Thank you again for this precious telling of your life and awesome recovery! Enjoy living your life with all of the gusto that you have lived and used in your fight to have the time of your life!

    Blessings and Namaste,
    Sandy Hardwick

  77. Breanna;
    I knew it would have to be something very serious for your Dad not to be at UIBC, as I know how dedicated he is, and when I found out that you were in ICU with everyone else there (at UIBC) I was so happy to be able to send you all the light and healing energy that I would have sent to my own kids ( 9 &11) if I ever had to go through what you and your family did.
    It gives me so much joy and gratitude that you are recovered and a Family of Four again!
    Blessings for Health and Happiness All Your Life,

  78. Hi Breanna,
    It is so great that you had a quick recovery and thanks for sharing this wonderful video.
    I found out what happened to you at UIBC, held in Los Angeles, and I want you to know that each and every one of us in that room held hands and prayed for you to recover.

    Thanks again for sharing your story and keep on enjoying your amazing life.

  79. SO BE IT, Breanna!
    Loved the photos, thank you.
    You just never know what is around the bend, in the river of life.
    What is the solution to your allergy of Ginger, as you move forward in your adventures of life? I was one of the many sending you healing, from my heart and mind, at the December LAX UIBC. I have been an Oncology nurse for more than twenty years, so I understand how fragile and powerful life and healing can be. Much love, hugs and joy, Sonia

  80. Dear Breanna,
    I was in the class your Dad was to teach in Los Angeles, December 6- 10. You still had all those tubes in you when we learned how sick you were. A room of more than 300 people stood and held hands as we prayed for you, your Mom, Dad and brother, Gabe.

    We all asked daily about you and at the end of the week (December 10) your Dad very generously called and told all of us that you were going to be moved from ICU! You should have heard the cheering! Ask your Dad, we can make a LOT of noise!

    This video and the pictures of you eating pizza with Gabe is so perfect. You made my heart laugh to see you looking so wonderfully beautiful and healthy.

    You are destined for great and wonderful things. Your life is special to many, many people now. Because of you, people that didn’t know each other came together in a prayer of agreement – for your recovery.

    Miracles do happen. You are living proof of that.

    Thank you to you and your Dad for sharing this fantastic video.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Hugs all ’round,
    Bradlee Snow

  81. Hi Breanna,
    You have inspired many and I am honored to get to know you a little more through this video.
    To see the bond that you and your family have adds an extra dose of emotion me. My heart is with you and your beautiful family!
    By the way, I have a nice name Breanna and she has a dog name Ginger too!

    Keep sharing that beautiful smile!!!

    Your friend,
    Magnificent Michael

  82. Dearest Bree

    So glad you still live and breath amoung us, you are a brave girl and a much loved daughter. It was my pleasure to pray for Alex and your family and to send you light.

    Sending you blessings and a robust recovery. Have a marvelous ‘Season of Dreams’. In Love, Light & Laughter Cindy Lou Cetah

  83. Hi Breanna,

    Thanks for sharing that video with us.
    You don’t even know me but I feel like you are a part of my life.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet spirit.
    You are obviously a fighter and a blessing to this world.
    Keep up the great attitude and keep loving that wonderful family of yours.
    May God continue to bless you and you him.

    With Love,
    Dan Rich

  84. Life is a special gift… each moment priceless and precious. So many forget the balance of what is important, and only exist. Live, dream, and experience each moment in full (sneezes and all!), and by living enrich the lives of those you meet. Make a difference. You matter. You touched the lives of many just by being. You will touch the lives of many more. May your heart be open, your dreams immense, and may you experience life in all it’s fullness so you may one day say you have fully lived, and by living brightened the world.

  85. Wow! What a cool video!

    I am so delighted to know that you are doing well! I was at UIBC in LA and sent you my prayers and get well wishes and was very concerned for you and your family.

    I think you did a great job hanging on during a wild and scary ride. Way to go!

    Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.

    With every good wish,
    Jane Bernard

  86. Breanna! You are living proof that miracles happen! My wife Tamara and I have been in your parents shoes in a similar instance with our son Isaiah.
    Your video brought back some pretty tough memories! But memories of Victory!
    Please give your mom, dad and brother an extra big hug each morning and night,they deserve it as do you! You’re their little girl, and you all fought a scary battle, and you won that battle together!!!! Rejoice in your victory!
    You are a tough girl and your great smile needs to be shared with the world! Love life, have fun, and play hard!

    When love displaces fear, Miracles happen! And you are that miracle!

    Bart, Tamara, Isaiah, and Asia Garvie

  87. My daughter Samantha, was in the ICU the first several days of her life. Seeing her there, helpless was one of the toughest times of my wife and my lives.

    But like your story, it has a happy ending.

    Congratulations on your recovery.

    Best well wishes, Robert

  88. Dear, Dear Breanna,

    What a joy to see answered prayer. Yesterday, January 5, 2011, I had the opportunity to talk with a woman that is 110 years of age…wow…that’s how many fun birthday parties?? This woman still fasts one day/wk and prays and gives thanks to Jesus. She said she prays for EVERYONE. I believe she, too, was praying for you. You have a great calling on your life and it will be exciting to watch as life continues to blossom into a beautiful garden. Did you ever see a picture of the tulip hills in Holland?

    It’s “good” to see you smiling again, PRECIOUS CHILD.

    It was a honor to lift you up in prayer. You are very welcome.

    In Him,
    Ruth David

  89. Darling Breanna,

    Your story is so timely..in our world full of strife…you are testimony to a God that hears our prayers.

    What touched me was how close your family ties are…a tie that bonds and binds…such strength comes from that…

    I was at UIBC in Florida when we heard the news about you, and we all said a prayer..

    God Bless you and yours,


  90. Dear Breanna, beautiful butterfly fairy,

    What a grace moment to witness your extraordinary life!! You are courageous, strong, powerful, determinated and your heart and smile shine like the sun.
    You have decided to continue your wonderful journey here and it gives me tears in my eyes. I am giving you angel snow hugs and kisses from Quebec, Canada. Love to you and your family, MΓ©lanieXOXOX

  91. Gracious Breanna,

    You are so beautiful. Your heart shines through as a beautiful light to lead the way. You are a testament to our connection to one another and to a higher power.

    You are welcome for the prayers. I hope you continue to live a strong meaningful life that will help to create a better world.

    I love your video…
    Celebrate your Success with Love,

  92. Breanna,

    So many prayers were sent your way. I was in UIBC in LA and we prayed for you there. And I extended the prayers to my family and all the prayer groups they participate in. We all visualized you healthy and strong! And so here you are, a testament to true love…

    May God continue to bless you with his divine, healing love.


  93. I was sure worried about you when we learned at UIBC that your Dad had a “family emergency” and that you were it! The video was great and I’m so glad to see you out of the hospital and healthy again!!! My best wishes to you and your family for a fabulous New Year!

  94. Dear Breanna,

    Thank you for your beautiful video. I am SOOO happy you are fine. I was at UIBC in Florida, and before I arrived had heard that you were in the hospital. I was hoping and praying that you would be fine.

    Breanna, you are a miracle — how wonderful to get to see snapshots from your incredible life!!

    Your video made me cry today. I am so glad you are alive and well.

    Michele Gunderson

  95. Hello Breanna,
    I love your video slideshow blog! I’ve thought of you so often since being aware of your illness and time in the hospital. I was at your daddy’s uibc class in Los Angeles, and we all joined hands and prayed after hearing about you being in the ICU. When your daddy called us on the phone and told us that you were doing so well, and even showed us pictures of you leaving the ICU, we all were so grateful for your recovery. You’ve made a difference in my life through your strength and your beautiful spirit. Thank you, Judy

  96. Dear Breanna,
    Your video is a positive motivation for so many and our Family is so happy that you have recovered and doing well! Our two little boys loved watching your video and how such a beautiful girl bounced right back with all the prayers. The power of prayer is amazing and may God always Bless you!


    Pico-Sanchez Family

  97. Breanna!

    I am so happy that you were able to enjoy Christmas with your family! You are truly an inspiration! We all love you! We are so happy that you are healthy again. I am so happy that our prayers were answered!

    With love,

    Angel E. Flores

  98. Dear Breanna,

    THANK YOU!! Thank you for sharing your story and fight with me! I was one of the many privileged ones that had an opportunity to pray for you as part of an incredibly caring group at UIBC. At that time I sat listening to the story about your declining health, and I cried. I sit her now watching and hearing about your miraculous recovery and I cry! You are quite the fighter and this small piece of your life (10 days) has marked the beginning of some very amazing things you are going to accomplish in your life.

    Embrace life! Grab it and hold on to it every day! As you know, it can be taken away at any God given moment without explanation or warning. You, my dear little friend were taken through a life-altering journey and would love to hear you write about it some day. It was not for nothing!!

    All my love to you little dear one!! So glad you are still here with us!

    Karen Albert

  99. Bree,

    I haven’t met you yet, but I feel like I am part of your family. I work with your dad and I helped him put this video together. I was honored when he asked me! Your father has a great heart and he is a great teacher! You are one lucky kid!

    When I heard you were in the hospital, my heart sank and I couldn’t think of anything else for days but you and your family. I thought about all those TV shows where the doctors had given up hope, but the families never did. And then when the doctors were dumbfounded, the only explanation could be that it was a Miracle! That’s what I think happened here…a Miracle! Proof that the power of prayer still works today!

    All I can say now is…thank God!

    With lots of love,


  100. Thanks for sharing your story! I was at UIBC in Los Angeles when all this was going on. At first Andrew didn’t want to tell us about it because he thought it was too personal. Finally, after hearing from your dad by phone, Andrew told us the whole story. I wish you could have seen that room after he told us. I think half the room was in tears and, in spite of needing to move on in the class, so many of us insisted on praying for you. Finally we had a few minutes of silence in which each person could do whatever God had placed in their heart. I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to pray for you and share in your recovery.

    I was really looking forward to meeting your dad at the UIBC but I’m glad he took the time to be at your side instead. Praise God for healing you and making you a family of four again. I hope someday I will get to meet all of you in person and rejoice in person for God’s great gift.

    I continue to pray that God would help you always to see your life as He sees it and bring glory and honor to Him all for all of your days.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Robert Seth

  101. Hi Breanna,

    I learned about your situation, even though the details were very vague, at an internet course which your dad was supposed to host and teach. I was looking forward to seeing and meeting your dad and learning everything he had to share. But that was not be. I was disappointed. But on the last day of the course we were informed about your situation and just how serious it was. That was why Alex couldn’t make it.

    Of course everyone understood. Family first. But I felt a great sigh of relief when they informed us at the end of the announcement that you were showing great signs of improvement. I prayed for you that night. I thank the Lord for hearing my prayer, along with all the other prayers that were said. All the noise must have gotten His attention. πŸ™‚ He does listen to and answer prayers.

    I wish you the most wonderful life ever! You have an amazing dad as I’m sure your brother and mom are just as amazing. May God bless you all throughout your lives.

    All our love,

    Paul, Paula, Dylan & Olivia

  102. Breanna,

    We prayed for you every day for those 10 days. And we’re sooooo happy that you’re ok. You’re here for a reason and you’ll be an inspiration to millions.

    We love you
    Harv and Michelle

  103. Hi Breanna,

    Your dad and I are good friends.

    When I heard what happened to you, I can’t tell you how scared I was for you and your family.

    I have an 8-year boy, Zak.

    A parent’s worst fear is if something would every happen to their child.

    And I know how much you mean to your daddy, momma and brother.

    I’m so glad you’re healthy and safe.

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts – and hope that someday you’ll meet Zak!


  104. Breanna

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I was at the last UIBC in Florida and only found out the last day why your dad was not there.
    I shed tears listening to Harv explain the basic details of your illness. You are such a precious little angle and a fighter.
    I am so happy to here how everything worked out like it did and the Mandossian family is back together as it should be.
    You are such an inspiration to us all.
    A very Happy New Year To you.
    Tim Smith

  105. Hello Breanna,

    On the first day at UIBC in Orlando, the staff announced that your father was not present because his daughter was severely sick. I quickly prayed to Jesus to heal you as quickly as possible. I am glad you made it. You are a survivor and a beautiful girl.

    take care,

    Michele Ruggiero from Montreal, Canada

  106. Dear Breanna,

    I first watched your ‘Thank You’ video while in London. Then soon after returning home I got online again and replayed the video several times, simply because I enjoyed seeing your smiling face over and over again.

    You were so smart and thoughful to chose the video as a means for expressing your heartfelt gratittude to all those who prayed for your recovery. Rest assured that your miraculous comback also raised our faith in God, factually expertiencing the power of prayer.

    Auntie Hasmig,me, auntie Taleen, uncle Arthur, cousin Alex, cousin Grace and the Camphor tree at the our backyard are anxiously waiting for you and Gabriel to visit us soon.

    Meantime,stay healthy and be happy.

    Grandpa George and Auntie Hasmig

  107. Breanna:

    I was attending the Los Angeles UIBC while your dad cared for you in the ICU. Even though I was so scared for you, I, along with the rest of my Pack, sent tons of light and love your way for a speedy recovery. Your dad, who has such a big and generous heart, kept us updated on your progress and we all were so grateful to hear that you had fully recovered. Thank you for being such a shining example of a WARRIOR and sharing your story with us.

    With Love,

    Raven πŸ™‚

  108. Dear Breanna,

    What an inspiration you and your family are to the power that is available to all of us. I was at UIBC in LA and sent prayers and healing energy to you. There must be divine purpose for you in this life for you to have survived that ordeal. What a beautiful inspiring message, Thank You Breanna.

    Much Love to you and Your Family!
    Harriet Vance

  109. Breanna,
    I am so glad our prayers were answered.
    Thank you so much for the update. I was
    truly happy to hear you were heading home.

    And now with the pictures of you at Christmas,
    It makes me smile (after the tears) that
    you were so strong and felt the love of your family
    to fight and let the miracle of life happen.

    Keep that beautiful smile, and lots of hugs.

  110. Breanna,

    I was not aware of what had happened to you until today. I am so happy that this story has such a wonderful ending. You truly are a Christmas miracle!

    Kim Jimmerson

  111. Hi Breanna,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with everyone. Your story has deeply touched me.
    You and your story is a beautiful example for all of us as a reminder of faith and love. Thank YOU.
    You are a beautiful young lady and it is obvious that you are loved so much. I love your zest for life and your love for your family and your dog.
    Wishing you the most amazing year and may you continually be blessed with an abundance of perfect health and love.
    with warmth, love and appreciation,

  112. Hi Breanna, I live in the US and have never met your Mom or Dad. However, as a father of four, my heart went out to you all as I saw the pictures of you in ICU and thought how I would be feeling if one of my four children were there.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and story! Have a wonderful and healthy life!

    ( A Dad from the other side of the world! )

  113. Dear Breanna,

    I didn’t know that you were so gravely ill and can only imagine the anguish your family must have been going through.

    I’m so glad you pulled through and while I didn’t pray for your recovery I will pray for your continued good health.

    May your light and love continue to shine, Breanna.

    With love


  114. Dear Breanna,

    There is a song I use to sing that talked about a group of son’s who stepped before a prophet to see which one would be chosen as the next king. They were all shepherds belonging to a man named Jesse. The only son that wasn’t there was the youngest. No one thought to call him because they thought, “Surely he would never wear a crown.”

    As the song goes, the boy was chose to become King over all his brothers. You see, while most people saw a shepherd boy in David, God saw a King. When David grew up, he understood why he was chosen.

    What you experienced Breanna will make you stronger, more compassionate, and much more loving for the rest of your life. And one day, while others may still see a shepherd girl, God will see a Queen and you will know why all of this happened.

    Thank you for the beautiful video and for letting us know our prayers for you were answered.

    A very big hug to you sweet girl,
    Kellie Frazier

  115. Hi Breanna,

    Thanks for your story. We have five children of our own and was touched to tears this morning when I watched your video.


  116. God is an awesome God. Your post is a powerful illustration of how He loves and cares for us. You created an impactful video testimony and expression of gratitude. I pray God blesses you as you continue growing and living. You are a special young lady with a special purpose. Thanks for sharing you and your family’s experience with the world. Prayer changes things.

  117. Breanna,

    You are a fighter and a princess.

    “The spiritual meaning of love is measured by what it can do. Love is meant to heal. Love is meant to renew. Love is meant to bring us closer to God.”

    You have been loved by many through out this time and your fighting for life has loved thousands back…

    Love and Light,

    Heather Ann Dueease

  118. Bree,

    I’m so glad you pulled through! You’re beautiful, strong and you are loved.

    Each day is a blessing…a miracle. And prayer works.

    Enjoy each day with all your heart.


  119. Breanna:
    I just found out about what happened to you in December. I’ve heard so much about you over the years from your father. I’m so relieved at your recovery. Your video was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year.


  120. Dear Bree,

    It is so beatiful that you are over these hard days! Thank you for giving me the chance to put a glance into your life through the video.

    I wish you from all my heart that from now on you only experience the healthy side of life and grow to a shiny, smiling and friendly person as you are now πŸ™‚

    Good that you and your family did not give it up!

    Love to you

  121. Breanna, we’re all saying thank you that our prayers for you were answered. We’re thrilled to see that you’re back with your family and doing well and we’ll continue to remember you in our prayers that you are safe and healthy long into your golden years after we’re all gone. You are an amazing young lady, full of life and love, but more importantly, courage, strength and much like your parents to have such a strong will to fight and rise above the terrible affliction that caused strife in yours and your family’s life for those 10 days. We’re all just thankful you’re all right.

    We look forward to more seeing more blog posts from you in the future, so you can show us all what you’re up to. God bless you, honey.

  122. Breanna and Family,

    I wasn’t aware of the your illness, but I am so happy for your full recovery. My son had a shockingly similar experience when he was 8. I had forgotten the feelings I had at the time, but they all came rushing back in seconds as I watched your video. Especially the feelings of gratitude for all those that hoped and prayed for Brayden’s recovery. I’m sure you know the feelling I’m talking about. It goes to show that the world is full of beautiful caring and loving people that all around us, we just don’t always see them.

    Keep smiling that beautiful smile and may God be with you.


  123. Breanna
    Glad to hear you are doing so well.
    I look forward to saying hello
    on my next trip to San Fran Cisco
    to visit your dad.
    I here you like to cook.
    Which famous cook is your favorite?
    larry benet

  124. Breanna,

    Praise God for your healing. It is so gooood to hear of modern miracles.
    In 2002 my wife had a tumor removed from her brain, she is still with us in 2011. God is soooo good.

  125. Dear Bree:

    It’s a great day! Your dad told me about your fight and situation today. I’m thrilled you’re happy, healthy and alive! I have a 9 year old son (Gunny), so I know how much you mean to your mom and dad….and brother. You go girl….strike a pose!

  126. Breanna,
    So glad to hear that your recovery has gone so well! Being part of a GREAT family is so awesome and I’m sure a big part of your recovery. Thank YOU for the video update – and keep having fun on your birthdays, the holidays and every single day of your life. All the best to you and the entire family.

    Jim, Patrick, Jeremy & Matt Franz

  127. Dear Beautiful Breanna,

    I did not know of this sudden tragedy in yours and your family’s life, but I am sooo thankful that I get to know of your wonderful recovery!!!!!!! Your ‘Emergency Room Team’ in Heaven heard and answered the heartfelt prayers of your parents, your brother, and the MANY others who were praying for you.

    May God bless and keep you and your family always.

    In Love,
    Joelle Niedecken

  128. Breanna,
    Thank you for sharing what has been a terrible time for you and your family. God be praised that you are well again and I will still hold you all in my prayers.

    Wonderful things are in store for you.
    Much love and blessings!!!

  129. Beautiful Breanna,

    Thank you for your strength and willingness to bring us all a happy report. Prayer and faith are mighty things that will continue to play a big role in your life. Now you have a story of your own that shows how strong the combination is.

    My whole family is thankful for your full recovery and especially glad that you made it home in time for chocolate brownies.

    Be your best,
    PJ McClure

  130. Breanna,

    Thanks so much for sharing your incredible story through the new blog! God made you an incredible and brave girl and my family and I have been praying for you!

    Blessings to you in all you do as you move forward! I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

    In His Love,
    Thom Scott

  131. Breanna,
    As a daddy and as one who’s daughter spent time at the same Children’s Hospital in Oakland–I want to send you a big hug for hanging in there, kiddo. When i met you at your home, it was obvious that the energy you put out in this world is powerful and we need you here.

    Thank you for the video. It made me cry and I loved every minute of it.

    Big Hugs
    Kenny (one of your dad’s friends)

  132. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful story and life is so precious. Some ONE very special cares about you and has a purpose for your being able to get well.

    Being a grandfather of 9 beautiful children like you Breanna we are all very blessed to live in this wonderful country and to be able to get the medical care.

    Maybe you and your dad would like to get involved and help children like yourself in developing countries who don’t have access to clean water, food or medical help.

    Whether it is a charity like ours or another charity like Doctors without borders please get involved.

    All of the children in the world are beautiful.

    I wish you all of HIS blessings.

    Gregory Stromberg

  133. Hello Breanna,

    I watched that lovely video of you and you are such a lovely courageous young lady.

    You have made an incredible recovery and we pray that you get stronger and stronger as each day goes by.
    You have wonderful family and all those thousands of people that have been touched by your Father makes a difference.

    Wishing you all the Best for The “Fantastic Four!

    Take care

  134. What a story. I wasn’t aware of your journey Breanna, but blessed be…I’m thankful you are on this planet.

    Thank you for sharing. God blessed your entire family.


  135. Breanna,

    your story is one to make me re-consider my values and the way I structure my life.
    It makes me reconsider “What is important”.
    I am very glad things turned out well for you and you are with your happy family again.
    I wish you all the best for the rest of your life.

  136. Dear Breanna!

    I am one of your dad’s business friends and I am so happy that you are on your feet again, and that you were able to enjoy Christmas with your family! You are truly an inspiration and it is a great song you have chosen.
    I am so happy that you are healthy again.

    Love and Greetings

    Peder Andersen

  137. Breanna,

    I haven’t met you in person, but I have known about you since you were born and your Daddy started bragging to us about you. I didn’t learn about your sickness until after you had started recovering, but you better believe that when Abby told me about you, I started praying right away. I am so glad that you are all better now and enjoying life. God has a plan for you and has given you more days to fulfill that plan, and my prayer now is that you will see His plan clearly and live life to the most while following God’s plan. Much love and prayers to you.

    Heather Kirk
    (Your Daddy’s Graphic Designer and Friend)

  138. Hey Little Lady!

    I’m soooooooo happy to see that you are feeling better and back home with your family:-)

    I only just learned about your health scare, this morning but I know that your prayers and the the prayers of sooooooooo many others helped to pull you through that scary time.

    My prayers and well wishes for you to have a healthy, wonderful, happy, silly, fun-filled, successful life will always be working in the background, just as they do for my children, grandchildren, and all the children of the world! You are a child of GOD, so take a deep breath and then give thanks to GOD for giving you a Super-Cool Family, and that cute little toothless smile πŸ™‚

    Take care and “Keep on, Keeping On…”
    Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)

  139. Brianna,

    Congratulations on your recovery – you’re a very strong girl and with that fight behind you, I’m sure that life’s challenges will be no match for you!

    I have an 8 year-old son, in third grade, and can’t imagine how scary it would be for him and for us if something were to happen to him. I couldn’t help but think about him while I watched your video and as happy as I was for you and your parents, it scared the heck out of me to think that something like that could happen to us.

    Thank God you’re OK, we’re OK, we’re all OK.

  140. Dear Breanna,

    Oh my dear what a beautiful video. . .I was at your Dad’s school learning how to do this when he shared with us your incredible journey. Just being in the room with 300 other people sending their heart vibrations to you was an incredible experience for me, as well . . . .imagine, and then to know that those vibrations went directly to you to heal you and fill you with more love was a true testament of the power we each possess.

    Peace to you Breanna and your family
    Cherie Fletcher

  141. Aloha Breanna,

    As a mother myself, I am extremely grateful that you came through this life-changing experience with flying colors. Although we have never met, it is obvious in your pictures the light that shines through you. You are here for a great purpose. Continue to shine brightly for the world to see what is possible when we believe.

    Thank you for the opportunity to know you more.

    Pauline πŸ™‚

  142. Hi Breanna,

    I wasn’t aware before today of your family’s situation. Joyous outcome of a challenging lesson for everyone. Sometimes things like this happen because we need to learn something important and it’s not always a pleasant experience while going through it. But we say thank you! It’s all part of this wonderful journey of expansion and cocreation!
    So glad you and your family are doing well once again!

    . . . and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  143. Dear Breanna:
    Although I don’t know you, or your family personally, I have listened to your Daddy with Jack Canfield every month for the last 4 1/2 years! When he talks of you and your family, you can tell through his voice that he cares deeply of you, your brother and Mommy.
    I am so thankful that you are feeling better! What a miracle you are and will, I’m sure, be talked about at the hospital where you recovered from, for years to come.
    Your smile is beautiful…keep doing that and give your Mommy & Daddy lots of hugs and kisses every day:) As a mommy myself, those are the best gifts our children can give to us!
    Happy thoughts!!
    Kristi πŸ™‚

  144. Dear Breanna,

    Yes, we prayed for you and I know it helped because prayer is very powerful. Even more powerful, though, is YOU! Your energy, your intention, your spirit, your life force, your beauty, your hope, your dreams, your joy and your LOVE! Our prayers supported all that you are.

    I am very happy for your recovery. Best wishes to you for a long, happy and wonderful life, and to the rest of your family as well.

    Mary Ann MacKay

  145. Hello Breanna,

    I am glad to hear that you are doing well. Sometimes life puts us in a challenge that we are to grow and see things from a new light. I believe everything happens for a reason.

    I can see you will come away a stronger, healthier and have a new release on life. I am happy that everything has worked out for you as you are very much loved by many people and you know your family especially!!

    I wasn’t sure what was wrong as it was different to see your dad pulled away so I knew there was something up. May 2011 be Healthy, Enjoyable, Fun, with many Great Memories and with lots of Laughs.

    Love, Happiness, Inspire Others,

    Hugs & Smiles,
    ~Stephen Hickey :o)

  146. Breanna,

    Thanks for sharing your ordeal with us. It is a heartwarming story of the power of prayer. You help give all of us hope in our own struggles.



  147. Hi Breanna,

    Wow — what an adventure you’ve been on.

    Sounds like you had a lot of good help and love and have a lot of people to thank.

    But also, don’t forget that, in a big way, it was you — your body — that made you better. You and your body had to work very hard to make you well again. Even while you were asleep!

    So even though I don’t know you, I know you must be a very strong and amazing person, and I hope I’ll get to meet you one day.

    All the best,


  148. Dear Breanna

    I was on vacation most of December and did not hear about your scary situation – today as I was going through my Outlook I saw an email from your Dad – I’m thanking God for your recovery and for being a blessing on you, your Mommy and Daddy and your brother! You are an inspiration and I know God is going to do great things through you…Glad you’re doing well

    Doug, Ana, Stewart, Gabriella, Nicholas Ottersberg
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

  149. Dear Bree,
    I don’t know you and didn’t know you had been ill – until today when your Dad sent me an email with your video. I’m so happy that you’re better now and back with your family. I’m sure the thoughts and prayers of everyone helped you and I send my love and best wishes to you for your continued good health and all the fun you will have with your brother, mum and dad.
    love, Trish in England xx

  150. Dear Breanna, I am so happy that you’ve come back to your happy healthy self. You are such a strong girl. The world is lucky to have you, someone who eats brownies, meditates and swims, and who loves her brother, mother and father with all her heartβ€”and especially someone that can wear flouncy getups and strike poses over sand castles. As a mother, I can’t imagine how terrifying that experience must have been for all of you. When I was little, I had a dog named Ginger, and I almost died, too. I’m not sure why these things happen, Breanna, but I have my theories, and I’m so glad you came back to the world. Happy New Year!

  151. Brianna, Alex, and Family,

    This video brought tears to my eyes. I have a daughter, and though she is older than Brianna when I think of her, in my mind I see that precious 8 year old girl and I can’t and won’t imagine my world without her. This is just what you family and friends did. They refused the possibility of a world without you in it, and now the world they did imagine with you healthy and happy has come to be.

    I did not know about your struggle but I have met your dad and you had the right guy in your corner.


    Another Friend

  152. Breanna & Alex

    You’re thanking us, but it is we who should be thanking you.

    I run a heart surgery unit on the East Coast. So, I get to see people when they think they’re about to die. Even though most people do great with the surgery, before going in, they think they’re going to die.

    Well, guess what? All of them… all… without exception… think about the same 3 things. Regardless of their age, their gender, their religion (or lack of it), their ethnicity or race, their nationality, etc. All of them talk to me about the same 3 things:

    1 – God

    2 – Family

    3 – Regrets for how they treated (or didn’t treat) others

    Your experience, although trying & difficult, is an ultra-valuable learning experience. I tend to see people later in life just learning that lesson. You have it now. Hold onto it. Benefit from it & benefit others through it.

    Be present.

    As for your experiences with the nurses, the hospital, the doctors, the secretaries, the EMTs… if there’s anything you’d like to give back as advice to the health professions, please give it. I teach new doctors things they do not learn about in their training. And a huge focus is on bedside manner & communication. If you have any advice for young physicians, send it my way…

    Thank you for sharing & may God guide us all through this lesson.


  153. Breanna,

    I am so thankful about your recovery. I am touched by your video. I hope that you will continue sharing your thoughts and words with us. You have a gift that you should continue to share with the world. That has always been your father’s message to so many of us, and I am honored to share that same message with you.

    God bless you Breanna.

    Victor Brown

  154. Breanna,

    I didn’t know that you were ill, but I can imagine what your dad was going through. He is a very special man, and so I want to thank YOU, Breanna, for coming back from the brink, and bringing relief and happiness and joy to your family and friends.

    And, here’s something you didn’t know … you made this video on my birthday, 29th December … this news that you are healthy and happy, and back loving your Dad and Mom and Gabe (my grandson is called Gabe, by the way) is the best birthday present I had.

    So, thank you, Breanna …

    (And thank’s, Breanna’s Dad, for sharing that with us!)

    Love from

    James Hardiman and Susan Courtney.

  155. Hi Bree,

    When Shelly and I visited you at the hospital, you looked so helpless, lying there with all the tubes and needles in you.

    I held your hand and closed my eyes and pictured you as a well little girl, running around your house. I knew that my thoughts and love, along with that of so many others, would help you heal yourself. ANd you did heal yourself.

    ANd then just a few days later, I saw you running around your house, just the way I had pictured it.

    Congratulations. May this incident help you to realize the power you have within you.

    I love you. Morty

  156. Dear Breanna,
    I did not know of your condition, because I get too much email to read it all. You are a precious, beautiful young lady and I am glad of your recovery.I hope the allergies can be taken care of. When I was about your age the doctor told my mother I was allergic to dogs and my sister and I had just gotten new puppies! Mine wasn’t as severe as yours and I have had dogs all of my life. I now have cats too! Best wishes to you and your family and I hope you can take care of the allergy and keep cuddling with your cute doggie! The video was superb!

  157. Hi Alex and Breanna –

    Breanna –
    I love you for all the wonder and vibrance you bring to life and know deep in my heart you will be someone special in changing the World for the better.
    If you like Smoothies, I have a really cool website for enjoying Smoothies that taste great and are easy to make. They are super healthy and full of energy so you will feel great and never worry about your health again.
    Go here on January 20th with this Coupon code BREANNA and get a 10 day Free Trial (Go there with Daddy)
    Warm and Healing Hugs Breanna…

    Alex – you met me some years ago at one of your reunion parties in Orlando FL.
    As I shared in a very fulfilling conversation, I am a globally acclaimed “Energy Healer” on 6 continents.
    If this ever appears in your family again, here is my personal phone number – 407-745-1699 Call Me and I can help with “Distance Healing”.
    I was requested an editorial interview from CNN on my lifesaving work during the Haiti Earthquake. Here is that link.

    Take care Alex and Breanna ~

    – Glen

    Glen B. Stewart Father of Hurricane Reduction

  158. hey Breanna,

    You are such a sweet little girl and I am so happy knowing that you are doing well today. May you are always blessed with lots of love and wonderful health and prosperous life.


  159. Dear Breanna,
    You have been given a gift that many children never get- realizing how precious LIFE is, and how valuable LOVE is. So sorry you had to suffer so much in the process.
    But it is obvious you will be using your own unique gifts and talents to shine your bright light in the world for a long time to come!
    Happy New Year? How about Happy New Life! Hugs to you and your wonderful family.
    God Bless,

  160. Hi Beanna;
    I am one of those that did not know! I just surmized that your father’s reduction in activity was to spend more time on family during the holidays.
    Thank you ever so much for your video. This world needs more examples of the power of Prayer. Your experience is one more manifestation of the Love shown you, and the Trust they had in the power of God, resulting in the Action of your recovery.
    Many people will appreciate your video, but you should constantly thank the Good Lord for the Parents and the family you have!
    I hope that God will continue to bless you in the years ahead.
    All the best, Bill Blake

  161. Dear Breanna,
    May God continue to bless you.
    Keep smiling and keep your faith in God.
    He will always keep you.

    God bless you,

  162. Hi Breanna,

    I am a latecomer to this avalanche of wishes, words, thoughts and heartfelt emotions. Why? Simply because I only found out about what happened now.

    I’ve known you for a while (perhaps around 3.5 years). When I was co-hosting those late-night questions & answers teleseminars with your dad (who is my teacher, my mentor and I am proud to say my dear friend), you and your brother often came into the room to say good night to your dad, and with that to the hundreds of his students worldwide. Everybody, starting with me, were moved by this simple yet powerful show of … just life.

    Which is why it is LIFE that you are blessed with, and why I am so grateful that your life is now back on track to be long, happy, and full of love. And boy, you do have a loving family! Every time your dad ever mentioned your name, I could hear the pride in his voice, the happiness in his smile, and the love in his eyes.

    Wishing you (and of course Gabe, Aimee and Alex) a fantastic year … as a family of FOUR!

    Sergiu Simmel

  163. Hello Breanna,

    First off, I want to say I am so glad that you are doing well now. I was not one of the folks who prayed for your recovery … I did not know about your condition or I most certainly would have.

    Just like you, I know for sure what the power of prayer can do – although your experience with prayer far outweighs anything I have ever experienced.

    I couldn’t immediately post my comments after watching your video – the tears were (and still are) streaming down my face.

    Little, beautiful girl, your story touched my heart like it has rarely been touched.

    Thank you for sharing it with me. Rest assured you will be forever more be in my prayers just because of that.

    Breanna … what a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.

    You know, your Dad and I are both Internet Marketers. I am not in his league (Alex Mandossian is a “household name” to almost everyone in our business) but I have been aware of the Mandossian name for many years. How nice it is to “know” two Mandossians now.

    Tell your Dad I said “Hi!”, OK?

    Now on a lighter note …. you and I have a lot of similarities even though you are soooo much younger than I am (you’re 8 and I’m going to be 59 in February). You can see my picture on my website if you care to. Don’t be scared when you see it, OK? πŸ˜‰

    But even though you’re much younger and prettier than I am, we could almost be twins (LOL!) because ….

    I like brownies too
    I love to ham-it-up on ocassion
    I vacationed in Bali a couple of years ago … isn’t it beautiful?
    I’m allergic to my Dad’s cat (I think)
    13 has always been a lucky number for me
    I like to watch TV in bed sometimes too!
    I like french toast and the Wizard of Oz, just like you do

    Young lady, I am so very happy for your recovery and I promise to pray for your continued good health and well being every night from now on.

    And even though you didn’t need me, I wish I could have prayed for you in your time of need.

    God Bless You.

    Your friend (and almost twin – ha ha)

    John Mann

    PS … If I had ever had a daughter, I’d love it if she were just like you.

  164. Dear Breanna,

    We are so happy to hear you are back with your family! For many years, I worked in the ICU, and I have felt the fear and sadness of what families go through when someone they love is so sick. And the great relief and joy of celebration when the worst is over and recovery takes hold.

    Breanna, you have reminded us all how precious life is and how important it is to hold the people we love a little closer. Have a fabulous life! You are special!

    Best Wishes,
    Brenda and Phil Besler

  165. Brave, brave girl. I didn’t know, but I knew your Dad had quietened down on the email front!
    I wish you a very bright and happy future after your ordeal. Keep looking forward.
    With love
    Jenny from UK
    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

  166. Brianna, I was not one of the those who prayed for you because I did not know about your illness, or about you, for that matter. I only “know” your father and I think he is tops and has the best voice of anyone.
    Now that you know that miracles happen, you can expect them every day. They do happen, you just have to be open to them.
    Now I can pray that you will continue your recovery into very good health.
    Be well, Brianna or Bree, my name is Britt, which is short for Brigitte. Take good care of yourself and your lovely family.


  167. So happy you are doing well!

    Your video really opened up my heart center, and made my eyes tear up. You have a special gift in this life time to help people open up their hearts just by being you.

    The world is a much better, colorful, and expressive place because you’re in it. πŸ™‚

    THANK YOU for sharing this video! You made my day!

    Lots of gratitude for Breanna’s health!
    Shannon Faulkes
    England, UK

  168. Breanna,

    This is the first I am hearing about your situation. I am so grateful that you are O.K and that this is now just your inspirational story that you can share with us.

    I am Sooooooo glad to hear that you are well and back to your life. I am sure that being in the hospital was a very scary experience and you are glad to be home with your family. We will be praying for you and celebrating your speedy recovery and look forward to see you sharing your greatness with the world.

    Hugs your parents for us. I am sure the are recovering a little slower than you.

    Your courage is inspiring.

    Best Wishes and Health to you,
    Kim Kasparian

  169. Breanna,

    So glad to hear you are back home with your family! Thank you for posting the video as well.


  170. Dear Breanna,

    Woh… I am speechless and so thankful for our Lord for hearing the prayers that were sent for you. I do believe in the power of prayer and your story just re-confirmed my belief that He does hear us.

    I am so, so happy to know that your family is all back together in the solace of your home.

    God bless you and your family always.

    (Toronto, ON, Canada)

  171. Dear Breanna,
    Katie and I are so grateful that you are doing fine. We took a few extra-big breaths of love for you and your family during that trying time. Thank you for the gift of your presence on this fine planet of ours. Many, many blessings to you and your family for a great new year of 2011.
    With love,
    Katie and Gay Hendricks

  172. Breanna:
    I did not know you were ill until today, but I know the feeling and the struggle you and your family have all been through. I am grateful you have recovered so well and continue to get healthier.
    It is true Alex, it almost feels like a lie when people see how well our children recover, many of whom did not even know about the worst of it. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

  173. Breanna,

    I am a student of your dads, and was not aware that you were ill.
    Your video is beautiful, just like you! You are an amazing young girl Breanna with much to look forward to. Always remember love and gratitude each and everyday. I’ve asked my children, who are now grown up and bigger than your dad πŸ™‚ to spend a few minutes daily, before getting out of bed, PRIOR to even placing their feet on the ground to think about everything and anything they are gratiful for. It can be as little as the warm comforter, their warm slippers, the sunshine …
    Wonderful things happen Bree, just being truly grateful!

    Health to you my darlin,
    With loving thoughts,
    Michelle Kinna

  174. Dear Breanna,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Even though we have never met, I sent you light and love, hoping and hoping that you and your family would find the strength needed to pull through together. And you did! Hurray!

    I was privileged to be one of your dad’s UIBC students in NJ. His enthusiasm and absolute dedication to teaching and enriching people’s inspires me still.

    I hope 2011 is a magical, wonder-filled year of new discoveries and all the love you can handle!

    Kind regards,
    Andrea Hardcastle

  175. Hi Breanna,

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for sharing your story of hope and courage. You are a beautiful, brave little girl and I am so happy you are back home and having the time of your life! I have a 9-month old daughter called Jasmine and both of us will continue to pray for your continued recovery and good health.

    I saw your father speak at a conference last November and I am one of his students. Even though I have never met him, I like, trust and respect him tremendously and I know how much he loves you and his family. He talks about you all the time. You are truly blessed πŸ™‚

    I hope you have a wonderful 2011 and please keep posting videos of your remarkable journey. Keep smiling πŸ™‚

    Big hugs,

  176. Dear Breanna,

    This is the first I’ve heard of all this that you’ve been through. Wow. My heart goes out to all of you for those 10 days you went through.

    I’ve been a student of your dad’s for years. And even though I don’t know you personally, I can hardly wait to see how this world transforms as a result of your evolving contribution. You are clearly a gift, an inspiration, and a bright light in this world.

    With Love,

  177. Dear Breanna,

    We have never met. I have never met your Dad but I hope to one day.Aren’t sleepover the best? Your Mom, Dad, and Gabe are your torch.

    Your “Thank You Thank You” Video was beautiful. I have 3 children and I know how scary it must have been for you and your family. Families are a blessing. Siblings are God’s greatest gifts…far better than any toy.

    Your amazing spirit and message of resilience is inspiring to all. May you treasure each day and have the time of your life. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Hugs from Canada,


  178. You are welcome, mucho gusto. Thank you for sharing your story and your gratitude. Because of your video, I will be even more grateful for this day in my world and the presence and support of loving friends!

  179. Breanna,
    What a beautiful smile you have and I’m glad your Mom, Dad and Gabe, as well as we get to share it for many years to come. Thank you for a beautiful story of your life, so far. I’m so happy that we will get to share the wonders that await you in the coming years. One of those “wonders”,when you reach that wonderful age of 11, we hope you will be our guest at our SuperCamp program.

    With much love,

    Bobbi DePorter and Joe Chapon

  180. Breanna,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. I know it must have been very scary for you and your Mom, Dad and Gabe. Thank you for being so brave, for believing that everyday is a miracle, and for reminding me to live everyday as if it is a miracle. Because it is. Much love to you.

  181. Hi Beautiful Breanna,
    I have a 7 year old daughter named Keysha who I hope you get to meet one day because I think you would become instant BFF’s. You have so many things in common! I was so shocked to hear the news of your surprising and sudden illness.

    We all prayed for you from Phuket, Thailand & Singapore those 10 days and still continue to pray for you and your whole family.

    I also prayed A LOT for your Mom & Dad. I know your dad from working with him in Singapore. Abby was great at keeping me informed by email about how you were doing. (Great job on the video also Abby!!!)

    Loads of love from all of us in Singapore – may you have your happiest, healthiest most fantastic year so far in 2011!

  182. Dearest Breanna,

    The good news of your recovery is one of the best gifts anyone can receive this year. πŸ™‚

    As a child your age, I also suffered a serious illness and was in a coma for almost two weeks. When I awoke, I had no idea what had happened to me, but I knew it had been serious. Your large get well card reminded me of the get well wishes I had received from my 3rd grade classmates, because it was from one of them that I learned what had happened to me.

    Always remember that God took care of you while you were unconscious, watching over you and nourishing your spirit. Your eyes now reflect that special bond of grace, and your wonderful smile reflects your strength as a young lady.

    May you be blessed with good health from this point forward (like me), and may you continue to share your love and happiness with everyone you meet.

    God Bless You,
    Cynthia πŸ™‚

  183. Breanna,
    Thank you for sharing such a scary and courageous part of your life with us. I lost a child many years ago and am so grateful that you and your family have had your prayers answered and are all together again in health. Life is so precious and I wish you a long and happy one!

    P.S., That pizza looked REALLY good πŸ˜‰

  184. Hi Breanna…I met your dad in person at the InfoSummit and am not taking his course. I just saw the email he sent out about this video and your time in the hospital. I am so happy you are fine now.

    My daughter, who is 13, has cystic fibrosis and we know all too well how precious life is and the miracle workers at the hospital who care for you, the miracle workers in friends and family who pray, and of the THE miracle worker = God. You see, Katie’s lung collapsed twice when she was admitted to Children’s Hospital here in Pittsburgh in 2008. This was her fifth admission since she was diagnosed at 4 months old. During that ‘tune up’—as the doctors called it to keep her healthy—her lung collapsed, twice! So i know what its like as a parent to see your child fight to breathe. My Katie does it every day.

    I started a blog for her about her hospital stay, kind of as a joke when we were admitted, and it really became my life line so i didn’t have to repeat again and again what was happening. I continue to this day when she has to go in for another ‘tune up’ or other work.

    I am SO SO HAPPY you are home and fine. I know your brother is too—-everything gets very disrupted with hospital stays!

    Hug your mom and dad every day…tell them how much you love ’em…and enjoy every moment of life ahead! I am thrilled for your recovery.

    If you want, you can check out my daughters website that i started for her at http://www.cruisinforkatie.com. It has a fun game on there too and some pictures of her and her friends. We do a big walk every year to raise money for the CF Foundation and that’s where most of the photos are from.

    Enough rambling—go outside and play!

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Becky Gomes

  185. Hi Breanna,

    I was so touched by your video… it brought a tear to my eyes as my heart poured out for you and your family. You have and will continue to bring such joy to those who love you.

    Personally I was not aware of your situation at the time, but had I been, I would have prayed for you as well. I’m so glad you pulled through and can now get back to being a typical 8-year old girl.

    Breanna I’m sure you are destined for greatness in your life.

    Love, peace, and health to you always.

    Shea Ellison

  186. I am so thankful you shared your story. I can only say one thing
    “By the Grace of God”

    No need to say more.

    Welcome Home Breanna

    Linda Hampton

  187. Breanna, life is so precious. You remind me that our lives are a gift, never to be taken for granted. I am grateful that you made it through such an ordeal and that you will get to bless us all with the beauty that you are. Shine on little sister! Love, Randy : )

  188. Breanna,
    You are one strong girl!
    Hold on to every breath you have for your comming long life. You do not want to miss this life that Alex and your mom are preparing for you because, I am sure, it is going to be a marvellous ride.
    Although I am probably twenty five years older than your father, I am proud to say that I listen to all he says like a student listens to his mentor.
    I hope you read this comment of mine every year, as you grow older, and remember that because you are loved, you grow powerful.
    Rachad, UIBC2

  189. I’ve followed your dad’s work for many years but didn’t know that you went through this until today. You’re between the age of my sons, and I can only imagine what your parents and you went through together. What a blessing it is for me — a total stranger — to see that you are well. I know you will make the most of things now, never forgetting this experience. Wishing you the best.

  190. Congratulations Breanna, your health
    and family are your greatest wealth.
    I am so happy we were here for you
    and that you championed through!

    Watch those chocolate brownies:)

  191. Dear Beanna,
    I am so very happy to hear and see that you are well and home. Thank you for the reminder to live life as everything is a miracle.
    Wishing you and your family health, happiness and a life filled with brownies!
    Cathy Borowsky

  192. Dear Breanna,

    I learned today of what you and your family went through just a few weeks ago; I am one of the thousands of subscribers that admire and respect your father in the online business world.

    I just wanted to tell you, you are such a brave and beautiful girl! I am thrilled to know that you are healthy again and back enjoying life with your beautiful Family of Four. Give your parents and your brother a big hug from me, they were very brave too. Your video is so touching that brought tears to my eyes, I loved it! πŸ˜‰

    All the best and much health!

    Maria and family

  193. Breanna, Just heard about your ordeal, and what a wonderful miracle that you are okay. My blessings and prayers to your family and of course you. So very very glad there is a joyful ending to such an ordeal. I’ve attended some of your dad’s trainings and have some of his products; he’s an amazing, brilliant man.

  194. Breanna,

    Although I didn’t hear about your illness until today, and knowing of the thousands of people who prayed for you recovery, it is no surprise that you are blessed with good health once more.

    Your strong spirit is a powerful gift that you share with your family, and with all of us around the world who watched your video, I want to add my part. You are FEARLESS! Keep that amazing spirit alive.

    With much love
    Jacqueline Wales

  195. Hi Bree! I did not add my website because this is personal, not business! You are a beautiful soul and you look to be an old soul, which is good! Welcome back and I am so happy that your family has the joy of seeing you smile again and share your light with the world.
    Take this moment and realize you are here on this earth to make a difference in many people’s lives. You already have look at how many people prayed for you, yes because your dad does what he does and knows who he knows. But that did not make us do that, we did it because your light, love and energy, your guides and the love of your family gave us no choice.
    Be happy, be carefree and keep being the shiny light you are!

  196. Breanna- I am grateful for your sharing of your story and very grateful for your happy healing. You are very special and blessed. You are beloved by many – on earth and in heaven.
    Much Love to you and your family.

  197. Dear Breanna,

    You don’t know me and neither do I know you. I live in Finland and happened to be in webinar from San Diego the day you got to the hospital. All the people in Discover your Destiny-seminar were praying for your recovery. So was I. I have three children myself. 2009 I first β€œmet” your father in internet and he lead me to Galgary Engage Today 2009. I admire your dad and the style he is living with you. I myself used to be medical doctor but now after having been many years at home with my kids I’m finding my new career with the help of many of those who I met in Calgary and some other. Next June we hope we all or at least four of us will come and visit California for the first time.

    We are happy to know you are happy and healthy now. We wish all your family blessed year 2011! Thank you very much for your video. We all looked at it several times.

    With Love


  198. get well soon.
    hope its all over now.
    I advised your dad 2 years ago not to share private videos/photos
    of you with the public.

  199. Breanna,

    How wonderful that you have experienced an “obvious” miracle so early in life and that you can be a witness to the kindness and love around you, as well as the miracle of each day.

    Congratulations on your recovery and for being part of such a loving family.

    May God continue to bless you all,

    Gile Beaudoin
    (just one of your Dad’s many fans)

  200. Dear Breanna,

    I was at UIBC when we received the news of your condition from your Dad. Without a dry eye in the house, we sent you our healing love and energy, and kept you in our hearts and thoughts throughout the course and beyond. We were lucky enough to see your incredibly speedy progress throughout the time of the class, and I am thrilled to hear of your complete recovery! As a practitioner of alternative healing and pain management in the hospitals for years, it only goes to show how powerful the beautiful synergy of western medicine and energetic healing can work wonders. AND, it shows us just how strong your inner light is as well, Breanna. You are a gift, Breanna. Continue to shine your bright and powerful light on the world.

    Love and Light,

    Becky Ringler

  201. As terrible as it may sound – we should all have a life threatening experience – it helps us understand how precious life is. I have two daughters and couldn’t help but see them when I watched your video.

    You have been given a chance to do something with your life and been shown how precious life is…obivy (as my daughter likes to say)

    I look forward to hearing more about you and what you decide to do – but for now have fun – feel the sun on your face and the water on your toes or for the season the snowflakes on your tongue.

    Love, Mike and Susan Crow and family

  202. Dear Alex Aimee and Bree,
    Just heard from Berny a few days ago, sent prayers immediately, so glad all is well.
    I appreciate, Alex, how you have always arranged your work around your family. Great role modeling.
    Love and blessings,
    Dr. Linne
    “Dr. Appreciation”

  203. Hey Breanna!

    You are nothing short of amazing! I had a similar incident when I was your age. I came down with encephalitus and was paralyzed and hospitalized for over week. I came through it even stronger. I will never forget that time in my life and i know you won’t forget this either. It was great knowing that so many people cared for me. You are such fighter, and i’m sure you will carry that spirit with you for the rest of your life.

    You go!

    Aja Davis

  204. Dear Breanna,
    I am a student of your father’s and am touched by your families ability to give. He speaks of you and Gabe often. My daughter is the same age as you and she too has an older brother who shorten’s her name, he calls her “Zee” instead of Lindsay. You are an inspiration to many and I will share this beautiful video with my children. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Garnet Mierau
    PS – Wizard of Oz is a favourite movie of ours too! Somewhere over the rainbow you will fly Breanna!

  205. Wow! What an amazing story about a brave girl and her loving family! How wonderful that you have recovered! You have been given a second chance and I suspect you will accomplish great things because of it!

    I know your Dad through Teleseminar Secrets and he often spoke of you and your brother with great pride and love. Sweet, sweet life!

    Pamela Enders









  207. Dearest Breanna,

    We are so proud of you for your courage while you were so ill. My family knows how frightening it can be in an emergency room, etc. Our hearts were so heavy when you were ill and so relieved to know that our prayers along with sooooooo many other prayers were answered when you recovered. Isn’t God wonderful? Every day is a miracle for each one of us. Continue to be happy, enjoy the wonders of life and always know that God holds you and your family in the palm of His hand.
    Paulette and Frank Salvia

  208. Dear sweet Bree,

    Your video moved my heart to tears. You are a very special young lady, destined for greatness. πŸ˜‰

    May God continue to bless you and your family in all areas of your life!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and your smile. πŸ™‚



  209. Oh Bree!
    Welcome Back! :-)xxooxx
    Thanks be to God. Our heavenly father has awarded us with the continued presence of an angel. As we all held hands in silence at uibc3 we all concentrated our thoughts, prayers and energy on you and your family. I could feel the collective pulsating heartbeats pumping through my hands and I knew that the power of prayer would help you. Your destiny is awaiting you. Fly. Have Fun. Be Spirited for the Breath of Life Is In You! Savor the moments. Hug your Mommy and Daddy as much as you can and Love Today because today and each day you wake up-IT’S YOUR DAY! God Bless you and yours. Thank you for the update and video. You Are Sensational !

  210. Hi Breanna,
    I’m one of your dad’s students and during a talk we had one time, we talked about kids. You are an amazing, special girl and I’m so happy that you made this incredible recovery. We take something from every one of our experiences and I’m sure you learned so much from this one-like how great it is to just be happy and healthy.

    Wishing you a lifetime filled with fun, love and lots of laughter! Oh, by the way, most kids think their parents are weird but I want you to know that your dad happens to be one of the cool ones. πŸ™‚

    Debi Silber “The Mojo Coach”

  211. Hi Breanna

    I just learned about your ordeal. I know it was not easy for you.
    I’m so glad to see you are feeling great again!
    You have the prettiest smile, so don’t ever forget to smile.

  212. Breanna,

    I didn’t know about what happened to you until I watching this video just now. You are an amazing young woman full of courage and perserverance. The power of prayer was so vididly demonstrated by all who were praying for you and your ‘Family of Four’ through the 10 days of uncertainity.

    May you be blessed with abundance this year in every way that you and your family can imagine!

    Hugs from a distance……. πŸ™‚
    Anita Hermesch

  213. Breanna,
    My son went through a similar experience when he was about your age. It was scary for him at the time, and for a while after, but today he is 32 years old and he mostly only remembers all of the love he received at the time. You are blessed and loved by many.

    All the best to you,

  214. Dearest Breanna:

    What a huge blessing that you are healthy, happy and whole again. I was one of the attendees at the UIBC program in LA during that fateful period of time. My heart ached as your dad explained why he could not be there with us. I personally shed many tears, and sent many prayers your way each and every day. And continued to do so long after the program ended…

    Your father does so much for so many. So, to hear him describe what was happening was heart-wrenching – until he shared the journey of your miraculous recovery. As a real believer in the power of prayer and meditation, I truly believe that all of the positive energy created by the thousands of prayers globally sent through the universal waves to Bed 13 helped to create this wonderful miracle.

    We are a ONE, each of us a necessary part of that huge cosmic jigsaw puzzle. Whatever impacts one of us, impacts all of us. And we, who were there in that conference room in LA, during that unexpected set of events, were called to be there for you, a necessary piece of our jigsaw puzzle, whose purpose for being here was not over, but just beginning.

    Breanna, I feel truly honored and blessed to have been in that conference room, experiencing your journey as your soul moved gracefully through it. There is no question that you are on this planet to make a difference. You already have – and this is just the beginning.

    I send you and your family an ocean of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, and Abundant and Lasting Health!
    Embracing you with Love

  215. Breanna,

    You may not remember me, but you, your Mom, Gabe and I all went to lunch one day (after exploring your then soon-to-be new digs), when you were little (2004-5?)! (I know your parents through business stuff.)

    I remember your rambuctious spirit, you are so full of love and light. You were so sweet running around outside of the restaurant. I ran and catched you cause you got close to the curb (the lifeguard in me). Your Mom giggled, trusting, knowing you were safe.

    So grateful for your speedy recovery! I am so glad you are still safe and surrounded by so much love. So cherished! Your family of four is wonderful!!!

    Blessed Be,

    Shannon Seek

  216. Dear Breanna,
    I am a student of your dad’s and he has spoke of you and Gabe often. I am touched by how your family is always giving. My daughter is the same age as you and just like you, she has an older brother that shortened her name from Lindsay to “Zee”. I will be sharing your video with them and use your story as a wonderful life lesson about faith and gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Garnet Mierau
    PS – the Wizard of Oz is a favourite of ours and somewhere over the rainbow you will fly!

  217. Hi “Bree”,
    Good girl. That’s the spirit and keep it up.
    You have innumerable Halloween dressing up to do and many chocolate brownies to eat before many Christmas dinners, so watch out!
    This experience must have taught you a lot and you may have a lot to tell us all later in life. I’ll look forward to it.
    Take care and keep smiling.
    Don’t forget to pray every night and every morning, sweet heart. You remind me so much of my own daughters when they were your age.
    Hope Ginger understands.
    God bless you, your brother Gabe and your parents.
    Keep safe and be naughty once in a while because parents love their kids any ways. Laugh aloud with cheer and joy forever.
    God bless you, child.

  218. Breanna,

    Fear focuses our attention as few other emotions in life can. How we respond to it tells much about our character. You, your dad and family, and many friends found ways to hope that a sovereign God would work for good in your life what was a moment of real danger. Bless all those who fought in the right way for your life, before the throne of God, and did not let fear overcome them. Bless, too, the health care professionals who diligently prepared themselves for the day they were needed to “protect your life.” And bless you as you now face your future, aware of how precious life is. What a gift of wisdom God has given to a darling 8-year old. Looks like you may be learning even earlier than your dad did how to “live life to its fullest”!

  219. Dear Breanna,
    I took your dad’s #1 UIBC and my best friend and life partner took your Dad’s #4 UIBC in Florida. When I heard about your emergency, I tried to send a email onto your Dad in support for you and your family. I didn’t have the correct email address and the email was returned. Thank You for letting us know you are fully recovered with your Beautiful Video. Sending you Much Love and Big Hugs with tears of Joy for you and your family.
    Colleen Walker
    British Columbia, Canada

  220. Hi Bree,

    I’ve never met you but I know your wonderful parents and when I heard you were in such a critical condition I prayed for you. I’m so happy you’re back!

    Love, Beth

  221. Breanna, You are an amazing and beautiful girl! Thank you for sharing your story. It certainly touched my heart. There is a reason for everything and for everything there is a reason. Know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    After seeing your blog, I was wondering… what you saw, remember or learned during that time you were physically unconscious because the subconscious or super conscious mind never shuts down any more than the heart does. I know you are now a stronger person in ways no one knows and you have God’s favor. You have a purpose in life that is very important and soon to discover in time.

    I only hope you share what you’ve seen or learned during this time. Others can learn from you.

    Met your Dad in L.A. several years ago who has been a tremendous help with my business. Really appreciate all I’ve learned from him and still learning. He is an awesome person and I’m sure you’re Mom is as well, who’ve I’ve not had the pleasure to meet.

    Big Hug for you, Breanna. You are a beautiful person from the inside out.
    Cheryl J Savage, hypnotherapist, inspirational and motivational speaker

  222. Yay Breanna,

    You seem like a most extraordinary girl. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love and light with the world.

    We are so lucky.

  223. Welcome back, Breanna!
    What you went through must have been very scary for you …and for your brother, Gabe, and your Mom and Dad.
    I can only try to imagine what you were going through.
    I think I know what your brother and your Mom and Dad went through, because I almost lost one of my sisters. I went through something similar. My brothers and sisters and our Mom and Dad sensed what our lives would be like without our sister, much like I’m sure Gabe and your Mom and Dad did.
    Gabe and your Mom and your Dad didn’t want to go through the rest of their lives without you, and they did everything they could so that wouldn’t happen.
    Like you, I have a very close family. Each of us cares deeply about the other, as Gabe and your Mom and Dad care for you, and you for them. Your caring for each other helped you all get through this.
    Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we care until something happens like what you went through, Breanna.
    I’m sending you and your family my prayer of thanks that you came through this.
    Welcome back, Breanna!
    Enjoy your life with those who love you!

  224. Dear Breanna,
    I did not know of your illness until just today, but I am so grateful that you recovered quickly! I’ve heard your father mention your name on many teleseminar calls, and so when I saw the email this morning that you had been in such a critical condition my heart stopped for a moment. As a mother of a nine year old, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for your and your family. Thank you for sharing your story, and may all your days be healthy and bright! Much love and many blessings,
    Stephanie Houston

  225. Dear Breanna,

    I was at UIBC when we all found out why your dad wasn’t with us as planned. When I saw your picture, I was moved to tears that such an angelic spirit could leave after gifting the planet with her presence for such a short amount of time. Then, while I was praying, I got that you weren’t going to leave. You were simply bringing together thousands of people, for us to unite and remember what matters in life.

    I realized in that moment that this would also be a powerful experience for you to discover how important you are in our world. I am confident that whatever you decide to do with your life, by experiencing you, people will feel, inside of themselves, what matters in life.

    Thank you for being an important part of our world. And, thank you for this opportunity for me to share with you the powerful experience I had when I opened up to your soul while praying.


    Ron Levy

  226. Breanna, Alex and family

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and your healing and light. I was at the first UIBC in Los Angeles, and your dad touched my heart. I could see how much he loved his family.

    You are beautiful and full of light and love and LIFE! I am very moved by your lovely slide show and your wonderful smile!

    Blessings and much love to you and your family.

    Jeanine Sande

  227. Breanna,

    My name is Jay Aaron.

    I began many years ago as a student of your father, and now am honored to consider him not just a mentor but a colleague and a friend.

    Your mom and I both attended the University of Santa Monica, although I was in school there a few years before she enrolled.

    You and I have laughed together on several occasions, although it’s been a while since we’ve seen one another.

    I have kept you and your family in my daily thoughts and in my heart since I first met your dad.

    Like so many other people, when I found out you were ill and were taken to the hospital, I began meditating for you. Some people may call this “praying,” but since you enjoy meditating, I wanted to let you know that this is how I sent you my healing energy.

    I’d like to share a small part of my story with you.

    I have had many brushes with the possibility of my own death.

    Some were very short term -although they were very real. Once I had an encounter with a deadly rattle snake that just missed biting me (it brushed my leg when it attempted to strike me) while I was alone on a 5 day backpacking trip, and it had been 3 days since I had seen the last person.

    Once I was hiking with friends up a very steep hill, and the trail I was walking on broke off when I was just 15 feet from the top, with a 1,000 foot drop and me with no way to go back down and no climbing gear to help me get up to safety. Fortunately, I made it through both of those OK.

    Then in 1996 – although I was healthy just like you – a doctor told me that I had cancer and only had a couple months to live. I made it through OK, of course, or I wouldn’t be around to write this to you today. This past year, however, cancer has come back to my body, and although I’m doing what I can with the doctors to get rid of it, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to, or how much longer I will be around if the cancer gets to be too bad.

    You’re very young. The reason that I’m telling you my story is that when all of these things happened to me, I didn’t simply pray that I “wouldn’t die.” You see, Breanna, that I was not afraid of dying. I can’t tell you why, but I just wasn’t afraid to die, like so many people are.

    But I did NOT want to die, because I felt that my time here on Earth was not over. I felt that I had so much more to learn, and so much more to give. Instead of kust praying to “not die,” I asked the Universe to allow me to live or die, according to the “highest good” for me, and the highest good for everything else – other people, the planet, the animals who live here, and the Universe itself.

    As long as I am living, I know that I have a purpose in this world, and that the Universe has a purpose for me that can only be fulfilled by my being alive.

    I believe the same is true for you. Yes, I am VERY glad that you chose to live, and that the Universe still believes that there is a purpose for you to be alive now, rather than leaving us so early in your life.

    You are my teacher. I’ve already learned more about the power of a family’s love. And I’ve learned more about the immeasurable value of people who you call “strangers,” but are really not strangers, they’re just friends who you haven’t met in person, yet. I’ve learned the power of a child’s (your!) determination to live.

    I can’t wait to learn what it is that you feel is the reason that you decided to stay around, and that the Universe agreed, rather than choosing to leave us at this time. I know you are destined for even more greatness, and to make a powerful positive difference in many, many people’s lives.

    You’ve already touched the lives of tens of thousands of people just like me, who now know your story. Thank you for YOUR gift, Breanna.

    I’ll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and in my heart each and every day. I hope to hear your beautiful laugh again soon.

    Many Blessings to you, Breanna! Welcome back, and thanks for sticking around!


  228. Bree,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am afraid we all get caught up in trivial things that in the greater scheme of life are not that important. Your story reminds all of us what is truly important in life and that we should treasure our relationships. I can only imagine what your mom and dad must have gone through. Thankfully your story has a happy ending.

    We all should be thankful for all the health care workers everywhere. They sacrifice so much so we all may enjoy life and live longer, healthier lives.

    Your story is very touching and I hope it will help remind us to treasure our friends and family. We never know when some loved one will be taken from us.

  229. Hi Breanna,

    I was not one of those who prayed for you because I did not know about your sickness in December, 2010 until today (thanks to your dad). However, I am very glad that you have recovered from it. Just enjoy your innocent and beautiful childhood. Do whatever you love to do (with permission from your parents), laugh as much as you can, find humor even in the situation that it is not called for, love your family with all your heart and leave the worries to the adults.

    Best wishes to your family of four,
    Mai xoxoxoxo πŸ˜‰

  230. Bree,

    Thank you so much for sharing this video! You are a special little girl with a lot of people who care about you and that is the “power of pray” promised to all. May GOD bless you and your family each and everyday!

    Keep smiling!

    Veronica Stellas

  231. I was attending the Los Angeles UIBC. We were told your father would not be in attendance because he was by your side in ICU. You were blessed by so many like-minded individuals as all of us joined together and sent our prayers to you and your family. All in attendance at UIBC were concerned and were provided updates through the power of the internet. You have touched many lives with your strong spirit. Thank you for sharing your story.

  232. Breanna,

    We here in ALbuquerque NM are very glad that you are much better. We are glad that our network here in NM was able to give thousands of prayers for you and your family and hope you continue to enjoy a long full life.

    You are part of our BNI family as much as our own sons.

    Your extended ABQ family,

    Ronda & Tony Zaragoza

  233. Dear Breanna,
    Thank you for sharing your true character and strength.
    What an amazing story of how much life can change and how quickly.
    Nobody knows what the future holds, thank you for reminding me to make the most of every moment with everyone. Especially those who are close.

    I join you in Thanking the thousands of people who prayed for you.
    They have shown the power of prayer and lead me to think……..
    I wonder….. if thousands of people can help a beautiful young child like you heal within five days…. then how much healing would take place if the whole world was to pray for just one whole day?

    May you continue to breathe with gratitude and may gratitude be grateful for your breath.

    So good to see a family happy and complete.

    May you continue to do all the things you love and have many more birthdays to ‘Ham-it-up’
    May you not get called ‘Breanna’ to often by your mum and dad.
    And continue to express your emotions freely.

    With love, light, faith & compassion

  234. Dear Breanna,

    I am so glad you are back in your home with your loving family, where you belong. I hope you have a blessed 2011. Dont scare us anymore, please πŸ™‚


  235. Dear Breanna,

    Your story is touching and miraculous. I’m so glad you were in wonderful and caring hands and that all the prayers were answered in helping you to recover. You are such as beautiful little lady. It’s easy to see that you are truly a gift to this world, and especially to your mom, dad and brother. May all of your tomorrow’s be blessed!

  236. Hi Breanna,

    Yes I was one of those who prayed for you. We were at UIBC3 and were really looking forward to meeting your dad and having him teach us what we wanted to learn and were very disappointed that he was not going to be able to be there.

    The next day Andrew Lock was able to tell us what was going on and the energy of prayers and love headed your way was instantly felt and changed the whole dynamic of our course together.

    Me and I’m sure so many others are very happy that you are back at home, safe and sound and healthy.

    Bert Middleton

  237. Thank You Alex and Breanna!! What a gift and once again a proof
    of the power of prayers!!! Having a beautiful year old girl ourselves,
    your wonderful tribute of gratitude touched me beyond words!

    God bless you all!

    With love

  238. Dearest Breanna,

    I was at UIBC4 in Orlando when I learned of the reason your dad would not be with us in person!

    If one day you think your dad is mean or unreasonnable or(God forbid!) doesn’t love you, I hope you will have the wit to come and read these first entries on your blog.

    Your dad is a superhero(Ok, an internet superhero!) to many people and, you are right, a lot of people prayed for you throughout this ordeal. In hindsight, I believe this was very hard on both your parents, possibly harder than on you since you were being cared for by a multitude of professionals and lots of angels while they were going nuts wondering what had happened.

    Because of who he is, your dad had the strength to share with people that his darling Breanna was very sick! From there on, many angels took over to bring the message around the world and in very short order our prayers joined his, and your mom’s and your friends’ and your classmates’ and many, many others.

    May God keep you safe and healthy and may you geow to be as wonderful as your dad(and mom) are!

    You will remain, with your family, in my family’s prayers forever.

    God bless,

    Gilbert, Joanne(my bride) and Sylvain(my son)

  239. Dear Breanna,

    Your story brought “Goosebumps” to me while I watched you get well in the video. When I heard about your condition, Our family was praying for you as well.

    We had a scare like yours in our family several years ago when our son became sick and people all across the country prayed for him and us. I can tell you we could feel God’s Grace flowing to us and our son at those moments when we needed it most. You are such a special little girl and God has something special for your life. A good friend said something to me and my son during one of our most challenging moments in his treatment, “God knew you could handle this.”

    Thank you for your courage letting us into your personal life and telling us your story. Stay healthy, I’m sure your brother Gabe really missed playing with you when you were away.

    I was wondering, do they still have those cool chairs that fold into a bed for your mom and dad to sleep on at the hospital?

    Love and Prayers,
    Tony Chalupnik

  240. I am a student of your dad’s. He is such an amazing and passionate teacher on a topic…i used to find yucky boring. Obviously, he’s opened my eyes and its so much more fun.

    It was an honor to be asked to pray for you and to receive your beautiful thank you video.

    You are so blessed to have such a magical family.
    If you’ve ever watched “stitch”.
    Ohana means family where no one gets left behind or forgotten.
    It’s amazing to see the love of a parent to a child.

    I know you will grow up to be an amazing woman who will inspire and contribute in your own special way.
    You’re already doing it with your video.

    Always stand tall as a diva…a goddess. You are divine.
    Never forget that.

    and like they say at disney world…
    have a magical day…heck have the best magical year.


    p.s. if you like bunnies, on 2/3/11 it will be year of bunny (or proper way is rabbit) in the chinese calendar.
    so have fun hopping around nibbling on grass, carrots and exploring everything else in life.

  241. Hi Breanna
    I’m so glad that you are well! Thanks God you are healthy with your family again
    All the best

  242. Hi Breanna!

    I’m really glad to hear from your recovery. I’ve got a daughter a month older then you and i know what your dad and mom felt when watching you helplessly laying on the bed. It is the most terrible experience to see your child taken by an illness that you cant explain. But in the same time it is a time for a great faith. Knowing that, no matter how bad it looks, there is always a chance for getting better.

    You are beautiful girl with many-many years ahead. There is a great reason for you being here.

    I wish you and your family all the best and we send you lot of love in our heart.

    Paul, Birgit, Georg, Daniel, Paula Birgitta

  243. Breanna,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are an amazingly strong young lady. We can learn so much from you. Your video brought me to tears. I thank you for sharing your light with us.


  244. Dear Breanna,

    I don’t know you or your family personally, but I see myself, as a girl your age, in your wonderful, adventurous spirit! An angel with so much zest for life facing a challenge such as this is sometimes sent here to earth remind us of the important things … love, connection and faith. Your ordeal must have been wrenching for you and your family, but I know your story is an inspiration to so many. It brought tears to my eyes and the world is happy you are still here!

    With love,
    Trish Regan

  245. Dear Breanna,

    I am so happy to see you have made a full recovery and want to thank you for sharing your journey with us. I do believe in the power of prayer and collective consciousness and with your strong will to continue celebrating the dance of life, you pulled through! Congratulations!

    I can begin to imagine what it was like for your parents as they stood by your side and willed you to live, every second of every day! My daughter had a very bad infection a year ago which culminated in surgery, without which she may have died and I am so grateful for the prayers, people, medicines and technology that saved her life. Nothing is more precious to a parent than the life of their child.

    Welcome back Breanna and may this be the best year of your life so far!


    Tracy Monteforte

  246. Breanna.. wow.. I JUST found out about your story and journey this past while. WOW!!! What an amazing healing you have had.. and an what power you have to bring so many people together..incredible. ( Even if it is in ways you never thought you would!)

    Fantastic you are feeling so much better.. your video and sharing your story was very powerful. Thank you for sharing it!

    You are indeed the Warrior Princess that your dad talks about!

    Peace light and love to you.

    Elissa Joy ( EJ) Shames
    Victoria BC

  247. Bree,
    What a blessing that you are healthy, happy again. I was one of the attendees at the UIBC program in LA during that fateful period of time. We had a room of about 300 people watching on line while we all prayed for your speedy recovery.The energy in the room was Unbelievable.
    My heart breaks as your dad explained over the phone why he could not be there with us. I personally start to cry when they told us what happen , and sent many prayers your way each and every day. And continued to do so long after the program ended…
    On the moment of prayer we all knew that God was right next to you with his on Angels taking care of you.
    As a dad (boy 5y and a girl 2y) myself, i can only imagine the experience your parents had. the love for a child cannot be compared to anything else on the planet.

    Keep every day was a reminder of how fragile and important life can be and at the same time…how important it is to not take life too seriously…just to Be HAPPY and enjoy every single moment.
    GOD Bless You and your Family.

  248. Dearest Breanna,

    Thank you for deciding to stay on Planet Earth and play with us! We are glad that you are here and look forward to sooooooo much fun in the future.

    Love, light, laughter, and lots of hugs from your many friends.

  249. Oh my goodness.. so glad she can breathe.. I cried watching most of this.. as I spent the first 10 years of my life trying to breathe, in an out of the hospital, often on Christmas and birthday and other holidays… So happy she is ok and can enjoy this beautiful life! Life is such a gift and we must remember that every moment that we can! πŸ˜‰
    Namaste & Play

  250. Dear Sweet Breanna,
    How lucky we all are. The angels have watched over you and blessed your family of four. Miracles do happen and sometimes right in your own back yard!! I have been taking care of sick and healthy people for a long time. I have seen many miracles, but none more magical than yours. I feel blessed that your Dad asked for our prayers. Everyday I pray for people I do not know who need more prayers. But, it is best to know when people you love need your prayers. I have known your father since I think before you were born. Your family of four is the most important thing to him. WooHooo – you are home!!! Now don’t get sick anymore….please.
    Kathleen Murphy

  251. Breanna,

    I too was in the hospital for an extended period of time when I was 11. It was un kown why and I almost losed this life.

    Which would have meant that I would not have had the honour and pleasure of knowing your incredible father which lead to me meeting you on a couple of occasions.

    Thank god that you are still with your family and to fuel the fire of both your parents so they can serve the world and so you can as well share your bright light.

    To the whole Mandossian family, I appreciate you.


  252. Dearest Breanna. You are the same age and have the same name as my granddaughter. She’s missing baby teeth, too. Yet she is not you and you are not her. You each have your own unique contribution to make to our world. I am so glad we are not going to miss it and that you chose to stay with us.

    Your experience just mirrored to some of us who take our next breath for granted that all of life is gift. And, when we get together and breathe as one, we can accomplish “miracles.” Welcome back little one.

  253. Breanna,

    I have a 9 year old daughter who’s also in the 3rd grade. Her name is Alexandria. We call her Lexi.

    As I watched your video, all I could think about was how your mom and dad were feeling. My heart ached, as I can only imagine how they felt watching you motionless in the ER.

    My friend an business partner Tony Martinez told me about your situation last month. My family was praying for you! God answers prayers, and that’s why you are here today!

    Lexi’s email address is lexipeden@gmail.com Maybe you guys could correspond via email and get to know it each other. Lexi loves to read, draw, and write stories. She’d love to hear from you.

    Congratulations on your Blog.

    We look forward to hearing more from you.

    Russell, Carole, Lexi and Bella Peden

  254. Hi Breanna!

    We have met before briefly when Maritza (my wife) and I dropped by your house to see your Dad after a TeleSeminar Secrets Reunion.

    We felt like we knew you from all the stories your Dad shares about you and Gabe.

    Here’s something I bet you did not know: Maritza and I met because we both took one of your Dad’s courses – pretty cool, huh?

    10 days is a long time to feel bad and we are glad it’s over.

    Lots and lots of people all over the world prayed for you and your family, which is a pretty cool thing.

    When you were getting out of the hospital I was down in Orlando at the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp. While I missed seeing your Dad there, I was very proud of him because he was in the exact right place – with YOU!

    The highlight of that week for me was when your Dad sent me the pic of you and Gabe having pizza in bed before you left the hospital. That is exactly what our two sons would have done!

    Happy 2011 Breanna!

    ~ Jeff, Maritza, Jonathon (16) Caleb (8 & 3/4) Buddy (German Shepard & Chow Mix) Menudo (Chihuahua) and Chito (Chihuahua)

  255. Dear Lil Miss B,

    I’m keeping this short and sweet..

    Sending you much love and it is a wonderful and beautiful thing to know your well again, or at least, soon will be.

    Always in my thoughts.

    To Mum & Dad,

    You are both amazingly strong people, I can see where your daughter has received those gifts from.

    Love to you both too!!

  256. Breanna,
    I am glad you chose to stay. There is more fun and joy to be had and your presence is making a significant impact on the planet. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  257. Bless you, Breanna. You know better than most what a precious gift life is. So I know there’s no need to tell you ‘Don’t waste it!’


  258. Hi Breanna,

    I have attended some of your Dad’s classes and worked with him at Peak Potentials Training.
    I must say your Dad is an amazing man with a heart and spirit as big as the universe.
    I can also see how brave and amazing you are after hearing about your battle.
    You are a shining example of the power of prayer, love and family.
    You are also a cool kid with a great website and video, so thanks for deciding to stick around and make the world a better place.
    I love the fact that you like to eat a brownie before Christmas dinner, your my kinda girl!

    From My Heart to yours,
    Jim Carman

  259. Breanna-
    Could you be any cuter and amazing?! My name is Jessie and I work with your Dad. I just had a little girl in November and I hope she grows up to be as strong, beautiful and fun as you.

    Alex and Aimee-
    this video is so touching and I thank you for sharing it. I heard a saying that “there’s no pain, like the pain of watching your child in pain”. When my son falls down and cries it pains me so I can’t even imagine going through what you both did. You are amazing, strong, kind parents and an inspiration to those of us just getting started on this wild wonderful rollercoaster of parenthood πŸ™‚

    Sending hugs your way,
    Jessie Schwartzburg

  260. Hi Breanna,
    Thank You for reminding me about the power prayer. You My Dad is a preacher and we visited him when Sydney for Christmas as i like in Auckland New Zealand. Everyday before we leave the house he prays and before we go to bed he prays. Today you are my angel that has reminded me that power that changes things for us all
    Thank that your Dad has shared this with me and thank for going through what you did to teach me. I appreciate it. Thank you

    God bless you

    PS I pray that you live a long happy life with your family


  261. H Breanna! What a beautiful Angel you are! I’m so glad that you are feeling so much better! You must have a very important mission on this earth to have experienced what you did! God loves you very much and she has muy special plans for you! Keep shining your bright light, your smile alone will heal many! Amor y Paz

  262. Breanna:

    I know your dad from some of his classes and wanted to say how happy I am that you are doing so well now. I know how scary hospitals can be for children and their families.

    A long time ago when my son was four months old, he had to have surgery and it was very frightening. Like you he got better and stronger every day. Now he has a daughter of his own and we don’t think about that time any more.

    Keep growing and learning and enjoying your life and your family. Happy New Year!

    Jim Gomes

  263. Welcome back Breanna! You know you are a very special girl when you have friends, family and perfect strangers sending out their positive thoughts for you! You are so fortunate to have a family that loves you so much that if given the chance, they would have changed places with you in a second! Your video really touched me. You see my daughter, like you, nearly died a few years back and the pictures of you hooked up to all those machines, like her, brought back those terrifying moments. I can relate to your father. Since then, my daughter has written a book to help other children that have her condition learn how to cope and live normal lives. Maybe you may want to do the same. None the less, I am truly grateful that you and your family have been blessed and that you are still here with us!

    Spread Your Light!!
    TR Lathrop

  264. Hi Breanna,

    I just viewed your video and it brought tears to my eyes. I did not know about your 10 difficult and miraculous days in hospital in December, nor do I know you — but you are a most beautiful and brave little girl. No doubt all the thoughts and prayers of family and friends helped you through this frightening ordeal. But it is obvious that your courage, tenacity, and your love of life helped turn this around. Looking at the photos of you, your brother, and your Mom and Dad, I know you must feel that you are the luckiest girl in the world. I can imagine how hard this was on everyone who knows you. And it is clear that there are many people who love you! I am very happy to see your beautiful family together, enjoying being with each other again.

    My best wishes to you and to all those who stood by you, Breanna, but especially to you! Have a wonderful year and enjoy 2011 to the fullest!

    Thinking of you with love,

    Louise Dorfman

  265. Breanna,

    I’m so glad to hear that you are still here and enjoying your life. I did not know of your challenge. If I had I would have prayed for you, too. I am sure your presence is a blessing to us all, and may we all be a blessing to you and to each other.

    Best Wishes Always,


  266. Hi Breanna,

    I consider your father to be one of my best teachers.

    I did not know you were in the hospital and so I did not include you in my prayers.

    Therefore, I will say and dedicate 10 days worth of prayers in your name for all of
    the others in the world facing challenges I do not know about.

    Who knows how long the habit may last?

    May You Live Long, Free & Blessed,
    Don Winfield

    “The wise man in the storm prays to God, not for
    safety from danger, but deliverance from fear.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm, it is peace
    within the storm. If you continually give then
    you will continually have.”
    — Unknown
    from the Crystal Meth Anonymous Support Site

  267. Hi Breanna

    We know you through your father. His audios and Videos have taught us a lot. I am so happy that you recovered and I pray God for a happy, healthy and peaceful years ahead for you and your family. I am sure from now on your intuitive power will be felt more and more and your inner voice will guide you forever.
    With best wishes and prayers

  268. Bonjour Breanna,

    Sorry, I did not know about your condition, but I can see you are a real fighter. May God bless you and your family. Happy 2011!

    Quebec, Canada

  269. Hello Breanna,

    I am please to meet you.

    Thank you for sharing your story and I am so happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery. You are very brave and I think your family plays an important role in your recovery. We have a Children Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio and they do great work too. You and your family are in my prayers.

    God Bless
    Willa Boykin

  270. Hi, Breanna,

    I missed the word about your going into intensive care. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled you decided to stay with us in this dimension. I suspect it means you have an important mission in life that you want to live to fulfill. I’m grateful for your wonderful “Thank You” Message.

    Wishing you a life filled with joy, health, peace, love and prosperity!


  271. Dear Breanna, I’m so grateful you found the strength to pull through that scary experience. You’re quite gal!! I was so glad to watch your video and learn more about the little girl we all prayed for in UIBC3. We sure missed having your Daddy in class but we knew that his place was by your side. I suspect his love and positive outlook had a lot to do with this wonderful outcome. There’s an expression that goes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Even though I don’t know you personally, I can see from your video that you are a lot like your Dad…and that’s a very good thing.

    I’m sending you lots of love and I want you to know that I’m going to be keeping my eye on you. I predict you’re going to have a brilliant future. I mean, how can you miss? Look what you’ve already achieved!

    Big hugs, Carolyn

  272. Breanna ~ good health to you & good health to your family

    Henry in Philli
    home of the Eagles, the Flyers, the Phillies and 76rs

  273. Hi Breanna,

    Thank you for reminding me what’s most important and how precious life is!

    You are a powerful and brave girl. I was at UIBC Los Angeles and watched you united a room full of strangers to take a moment of silence and pray for you. You brought out the best in everyone. That’s amazing! You are a walking miracle of what’s possible when a group of people focus on one thing and pour their hearts into it. Anything is possible!

    It’s so wonderful that you recovered so quickly. So happy you are back home with your family. Wishing you a lifetime filled with laughter.

    with love,
    Christiana Carter πŸ™‚

  274. Dear Breanna,

    Although I’ve never met you, I have heard a lot about you from stories your Dad has told. Thank you for sharing your story, I an sooooo glad you are well and ALIVE!! What a gift it is to be reminded of this amazing miracle of life.

    Sending love and very best wishes to you and your amazing family for the New Year.


  275. Hi Breanna,

    I was so moved by your powerful testimony…what a difference a day makes. I don’t know your dad personally, but I’ve been a follower of his teachings and have attended several of his seminars and he always talks his love for you and Gabe. I too am a parent of a young daughter and I can just image what your family went through, but they believed that you would be fully restored. We thank God for your healing and continue to leave each day to the fullest.
    –Bianca Shelby
    Atlanta, GA

  276. Bree (Breanna), my thoughts and prayers were with you as soon as I heard about you. I had no idea that you belonged to our dear friend and mentor Alex Mandossian. You certainly showed what the power of prayer can do! I am so proud of you for hanging in there and believing that you could get better. You did it!

    Please continue to keep us posted on your progress.
    With love… YOU ROCK!!

  277. Breanna, you and your whole family are amazing. You have proved how much you all value life and clearly want to live it. What an experience that you can share and draw on for the rest of your days and always remember how precious life is, so that there is no reason to ever sweat the small stuff, just enjoy everything life brings.

  278. Hi Breanna Marie,

    I’m so thrilled to see how you’ve come through so much and how well you’ve done it.

    The greatest pain any parent can suffer is to see their child in pain. Your appreciation and gratitude and all that you are learning and teaching makes you a better person and all of us who’ve now had the privilege of being able to share this most perfect outcome.

    Continued blessings to you and your family,

    Tom Justin

  279. Hi Breanna,

    Wow! What a story … with such a remarkably happy ending! Thanks for sharing your miraculous journey in this video. I wish you and your family all the best.

    Hugs and Blessings,


  280. Hello Breanna,

    I am glad you are doing fine and I am very happy about it. You were in my pray. But you know you are special girl not because of your dad but because of who you are as a special Soul. You are an old Soul and you have already a Master number 11 in your date of birth from being born in November. This experience happened to you for 2 reasons. It was there for you to take yourself and life seriously and be conscious of everything and not to take things for granted. You are special and you have a purpose to fulfill. You have a vision for a change but that vision might not be clear yet for you or you might have a glimpse to what it is but will come in the right time when you are ready. So you said, you enjoy meditation please continue doing it because all your answers will come from within including your vision. The second reason that incident happened is also for your parents and it is up to them to evaluate that reason.

    Know little bit about your dad’s date of birth. But from what I know March 9, you and your dad have a special bond together and that bond did not come from your life with him today. Your dad same as you is an old Soul like you and comparing both your date of birth you both have a karmic link and a Soul Mate link. Soul Mate has many forms. Probably your experience had big impact on your dad because of your link. I can not tell you the effect on your mum or cute brother Gabe or your connection with them because I am not aware of their date of birth but I am sure they were praying for your recovery.

    Praise that experience regardless how severe it came on you because it will speed up your spiritual work faster!

    In light!
    Joseph Ghabi

  281. Dearest Breanna,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.
    I will continue to hold you and your family in my prayers.


  282. I did not know about your condition until today but I will make sure to continue to your pray for you that you will have a great life and that you will make a difference in the world doing something that you 110% love!

  283. Hi Breanna,
    I didn’t know abt your plight back in December but, now that I do, I’m including you in my meditations tonight, giving thanks to Spirit that you’re here with us. Grow up healthy, in charge, and in-love.

  284. Dear Breanna,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I did not know you were ill, but I am very grateful for your recovery. You have an amazing spirit and clearly, you are meant to share your gifts with your family and with the world as you grow.

    Wishing you the best of health and much joy from now on.
    Dorine Kramer

  285. Breanna – you are a unique and special guy, strong with spirit, amazing courage, LOVED by family and now you have touched my heart too. Thank you Breanna so much for pointing out how precious life really is and how family love and community prayer can heal. Thank you Alex Mandossian, Mom & Gabe for sharing your moments with us all.

    We (my wife & I) have been making donations to the IWK Sick Kids hospital in Halifax NS and SickKids hospital in Toronto – your story makes all the effort worth it. Thanks so much, I am sure we will add a donation to our GIVE WALL in your honor

    Very happy to know you made it and will continue to amaze your family with your future ambitions.

  286. Prayer is a wonderful thing! I saw this recently with my great-niece who was in a bad car accident in September. We have seen many miracles with her, and now with Breanna! I can’t imagine going through something like this. So glad to hear Breanna is doing so well, considering the pictures of when she was first in the hospital. Thank you for sharing this and so happy to hear Breanna is doing so well! Miracles do happen!!

  287. Thank you for sharing your story Breanna! I am glad to hear that you are doing well now and that everyone’s prayers and your determinaton helped pull you through.

    Your is very inspirational and I am sure will help other children and parents who might be in similar situations. Your video blog goes beyond a thank you and gives back to the world. Thank you for sharing a part of your life.


  288. Dear Breanna

    I don’t know you, but I have met your dad on a number of the brilliant training courses that he runs. I am sooooooo glad to hear that you are well now. You are such a brave girl and you are truly blessed.

    I’m a mom myself, and I almost lost both of my kids just after they were just born. My baby girl Leela was born so small …… and my son Raj had to be rushed back to hospital after he stopped breathing on the day he was born. I remember seeing him in ITU all hooked up to machines…. and I felt as if I was frozen inside…..it was so so painful to feel so helpless. He is 17 now, and I still worry……. even though he thinks I’m being silly! Thank you for sharing your story, it reminded me about how much I love my kids and what that love makes possible in the world. Remember to give your parents a big hug and a kiss every time you get the chance and don’t mind too much when they fuss over everything for a while. That’s pretty normal.

    I hope we get the chance to meet one day.


    Suzi from London, England

  289. Breanna you did have a miracle, how very exciting! There is nothing more powerful than prayer, it is the best form of love we can give each other. It is also very exciting at your young age you experienced and felt God’s love. I am thrilled you recovered so quickly since I just read a book, A Message from God, written by a 12 yr old boy, Aldo McPherson, that was in a coma for months. You are truely blessed.

    Janet Arneau

  290. Hi Breanna

    Your story is uplifting – thanks for sharing.

    Now enjoy a long and happy life that’s full
    of abundance, happiness and good health.

    With gratitude…

    Warm wishes

    Geoff (UK)

  291. Breanna,I am sorry, but I did not know of your illness, mainly because I have not used my computer for over a month due to an ongoing family illness. I am extremely happy to see that you are again healthy and strong, and ready to take on the world. Again congratulations.

  292. Breanna,

    You are so beautiful and brave! Your story is very touching and I’m happy that you made a full recovery. Live your healthy life and rejoice in it! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    Marilee Johnson

  293. Breanna,

    While I didn’t know about what you were going through at the time, it was a good thing to get the news AND the happy ending at the same time. Your story is powerful and inspiring even though I didn’t know when it was happening in real-time. You obviously have great things to do here on earth and I look forward to seeing and knowing what those are. πŸ™‚


  294. Breanna

    I am so thankful for your recovery and happy that you shared this story. I am an M.D. and used to work in a children’s ICU and I know that not all stories have a happy ending and that makes yours so much more precious. Wishing your parents peace ( I know they have joy now) because as a parent I appreciate how heart and gut wrenching that can be. Take the time to appreciate and enjoy each other.

    Thank you for sharing. You brightened my day with your happy ending.

    Headingley, Manitoba

  295. Dear Breanna. You are welcome. You are so welcome. I am so happy and grateful for your full recovery. May you have many more blessings in your life and may all your dreams come true.
    Viktoria Marton

  296. Hi Breanna!

    I prayed for you at UIBC.

    I’m sooooo glad for having you back with your family happy and healty again.

    I wish you and your great family a fantastic 2011!

    Love & Light

  297. Breanna,

    Thank you for sharing your story with me. You are a brave and inspirational young lady! I am so happy that you are fully recovered, especially in time for Christmas!! The greatest gift received was a second chance at fulfilling your life and purpose.

    I look forward to meeting you in person because I’ve heard your dad talk about you and Gabe at his trainings and I’ve seen pictures of you in his videos.

    You are loved and you are special!

  298. Breanna,

    My husband and I had the great privilege of being with you when you were unconscious in the hospital. I rubbed your feel and put all the love I had into your little body. I brought with me all the prayers of so many friends who love you and your parents so much.

    You are the Warrior Princess that your daddy named you for sure and having the love of your family beside you had to help you be that warrior.

    Knowing how very deeply your parents and brother Gabe love you I can only imagine what it is like for them to have you home.

    I am so thrilled that you have come through this and know that having tens of thousands of people pray for you will make you stronger and allow you to bring that strength into the world with you as you grow.

    I hope you liked the chocolate cake :).

    Love, Shelly

  299. Breanna

    I knew someone was in need of extra prayer but did not know
    who…I still prayed and prayed. Now I know who those prayers
    were for and so glad things have turned out the way they did.

    I once told your Dad how impressed I was of how he always put his family first, always acknowledging you ALL before he spoke with us at seminars. That meant a great deal to me.

    Now that I no longer have a family (Dec broke the family up) family means even more to me…now that I don’t have one to love and cherish. This video meant a great deal to me in SO many ways. I am thankful that you shared this with all of us (probably thousands of folks).

    GOD BLESS you young lady….take care of yourself. May I ask that you do me a favor? Will you group the 4 of you together….give a GIANT group hug to each other..for yourselves. And then a 2nd group hug from me?!

    Thank you and GOD BLESS


    PS: I am in the Denver area…we are currently -11 degrees.

  300. Never, ever underestimate the power of prayer. God kept you here because He has a special plan for you. You have been given a very special gift. Use it for the good of all humanity. Let all whom you meet know the goodness of our Lord.
    I will keep you in my heart and prayers, Breanna. Your life is destined to be one of greatness. Blessings, my friend.

  301. Dear Breanna,

    You are a beautiful little girl. I did not know about your stay in the hospital until I got an email from your dad. I met him at UIBC in New Jersey. He is very lucky to have you in his life and it makes me happy that you have recovered so quickly. Take care sweet girl and thanks for sharing this with me. You are very precious…

    Carla Coates

  302. Hi Breanna, thank you for sharing your INSPIRATIONAL video with us. I`m so thankful all our prayers were answered.
    You are an amazing light, keep on shinning!
    From my family to yours
    Love & Light

  303. Dear Breanna,
    I didn’t know about your sudden illness till today, and I’m so grateful that you’re healed and well again.

    You are a beautiful, amazing girl, with a terrific smile. I was so touched by your video. The power of prayer does work miracles!

    Just so you know, I’m a big fan of your dad, and have learned so much from him — both in ideas as well as by his optimistic spirit. That caring and love from both of your parents and Gabe will always surround you… so you too can touch many, many lives. Keep smiling. As the Beatles reminded us, “All you need is love.” πŸ™‚

  304. Greetings Bree;

    May your miracles never cease.
    All of your seasons be filled with
    love,happiness,joy and peace.My Prayer
    is *Heartfelt Thanks* for the blessing
    of your total recovery,amen.
    Much appreciation to God for caring and
    to you for sharing.The warm spiritual
    sensation of being able to see the world
    as a better place by your presence in it.
    Many more blessings to you and your loved ones.
    =>Stay Frosty !

  305. Darling Breanna,

    WOW! I had no idea you had this scary episode. I do believe every day is a miracle and somehow I think your experience will help to remind people of that.

    I’m so sorry you went through all that — and hope you are fully immersed in being a litle girl, having fun, living life as an adventure, healthy, happy and strong. Then, every now and then, when you meditate, remember this time and ask what gifts it gave you and what wonderful things you may be able to teach and inspire in others.

    In the meantime, just keep inspiring us by being YOU!

    You will remain in my prayers are I send you many blessings,

  306. Breanna,

    I’ve had the privilege of seeing you and Gabe through the pictures, videos and stories that your dad so proudly shares. You are truly a Warrior Princess, and a genuine inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story through this beautiful video – and for reminding me about what really matters in life.

    Shine Bright!!!
    Laura Waage

  307. Breanna(and Family),

    I’m so glad to hear you made it through this traumatic event. You are a beautiful little girl with a wonderful family. Stay positive, always smile and make the most of each day God gives you(I have no doubt you will). God bless you and your family.

    Stay in motion,

    Dana Houser

  308. Dear Breanna,

    You have an amazing spirit that just shines through your eyes and beautiful face. Your story is so inspiring and moved me so much.
    I know you will have much “light” to share with the world and we
    are all grateful all those prayers were answered!

    Sending you Love, Joy and Happiness,
    Leila Wood

  309. Breanna,

    This video shocked me. I didn’t know your condition was that bad.

    There was a comment made a while back by one of your Dad’s friends that made me think you weren’t feeling well, so I took a minute to send some Vitality and Healing your way. I’m SO GLAD you’re back home and feeling better.

    May your physical body’s well being and vitality only multiply, so that you can continue discovering your Inner World and the Outer World.

    Better and better,

    Narek Gabrielian

  310. Dear Breanna,

    I am SO happy that our prayers were answered! Continued blessings to you and your special family for much happier and healthier times ahead.


    ~ Karen

    PS: Keep showing that beautiful smile!

  311. Sweet Breanna,

    I didn’t realize my Friend Alex and his family was going through such trying times during the holidays, I say a prayer for all my friends and their families so even though I didn’t know I was praying for you.
    I am so glad you and your family got this special Christmas gift
    WOW that means God still has work for you to do here, Make it Great an Make it Special!!
    Your Friend Through Prayer,

  312. From Barcelona, Spain, felling VEEEERY VERY HAPPY for you, for your familiy and for so many people united for such a beautiful cause. It’s wonderful!.

    I wish you a very happy life with all my heart,

    thank you, little big light…keep always shinning as you do!!!,


  313. Way to go Breanna! After such a long family nightmare, everyone now knows how double-precious you are and how you and the spirits surrounding you made it through to the finish line. And knowing how treacherous it seems in ICU having been there for 5 days post op following brain surgery, well you beat me! You’ll have this to talk about for years to come:) Just thank the lord, and all those who prayed, and let this be a lesson that life is way too short to waste. So Go Breanna, Go!

    John Howieson

  314. Breanna,

    I’m so glad you and your family find the new year with renewed spirit, and that your beautiful smile will be with us for many years to come.

    Larry Winfield

  315. Breanna:

    I was in LA at the UIBC and heard from your dad while you were in the hospital. All of us at the course stopped and said a prayer for you and your family. I cannot express how happy I was to hear you made a full recovery and you were at home with you family.

    Take care,


  316. Breanna,
    It’s truly amazing the possibilities that can occur when hundreds, if not thousands, of hearts unite in a common prayer. I was at UIBC when we found out that you and your family were in need of some special care. The entire room fell silent and began to send love, prayers, and healing energy to you all. Of course, the healing comes from you and your amazing body, but the support and love comes from those who are touched by you. I am thrilled to know that you have recovered so quickly and completely and were able to return to your family & the activities you enjoy & spend Christmas as a whole family. Love your website, your beautiful smile, and your zest for life. Abundant blessings to you, your family, and to all who you’ve touched.
    Smile and Embrace the Day,

  317. Breanna at your tender young age you have learned 3 very important lessons that many people go their entire lifetime without realizing.

    1. You are loved

    2. Life can change in an instant

    3. Celebrate life every single day

    Live Your Dreams Champ,

    Jill Koenig

  318. I was shocked to learn about your harrowing experience but am glad that you are doing so well and know you will do great things. And, mom and dad, Breanna is a beautiful girl, you must be very proud. Thank God it all worked out, my heartfelt prayers are with you.

  319. Dear Breanna,

    I have not had the privilege of meeting you yet, but I have met your Dad, so I feel like I know you and your brother well already (cause he talks about you two all the time…).

    My family and I are so happy that you are well again and back where you should be with your Mom, Dad and brother.

    This world needs shining stars, and I can tell that you are one. Your video, while sad in parts really does show the power that is inside you, and I am smiling just for knowing that you are OK.

    Wishing you continued health and happiness all the way from Glasgow, Scotland.

    Adam, Linda, Connor, Riley and Ava Smith

  320. Breanna,

    I am sending you love, light and prayers that each day you get stronger, and healthier and happier. I am glad that you and Alex and your mom and your Gabe are all back together as the Family of Four.

    Thanks for sharing this blog so that all of us can share our thoughts with you.


  321. It is wonderful to hear of the triumph of Breanna and family. Some of the most positive news anywhere starts on Facebook. Most of us need this. Sending well wishes and prayers to you and yours is an outpouring of love and hope that nourishes us all in turn. May your circle gain strength.
    Breanna…You are magnificent! Shine on!!! I am blessed by this sharing. I am so grateful. Thank you.

  322. Breanna,

    Until I e-mailed with your father a couple of days ago, I had no idea of what you went through. I hadn’t the opportunity to pray for you at that time but I can start now because I truly believe that you are blessed and like your father, were put on this earth to make the lives of many people better.

    I went through a similar ordeal when I was five. I had contracted a virus that got progressively worse as the days and then weeks went by. I had over 100 shots administered through out my body and they experimented with what ever they could to keep me alive.

    At one point, the doctors gave up hope and told my parent to start arranging for the funeral. My mom had a nervous breakdown. Like you, I refused to give up. I went as far a suffering a clinical death on the operating table, going to the light and “whooooshing” back into my tiny little body.

    I laughed when I saw the picture of you eating for the first time because I remember eating a crusty old peanut butter sandwich as my first meal….and I remember it tasting soooooo good!

    You are put on this earth for a purpose, in time, that purpose will be exposed to you….and then you will really shine!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  323. Dear what a joy to know about you and your amazing family and miraculous recovery. Thank you for sharing your story and giving your thanks. You reflect the light that our creator placed in us all. Keep up that wonderous connection with God through His son Jesus Christ.You have truly been blessed with a touch from his healing hands.

  324. I am so happy that you recovered fully and completely. When I heard that you were ill via friends in the TLC my heart nearly broke for you and your amazing family. Coming from a family of four who lost two, there is nothing so dear as cherishing every moment that you are together. Every moment, sad or happy, is a great moment.

    Much love and beauty to you Bree!

  325. Breanna,

    You are destined for amazing things, God has a plan and as hard as it is to remember that sometimes it truly is important that we do. You are beautiful and have a great future. God Bless you so very much!


  326. Hey, Breanna!

    You probably don’t remember me, I used to work for your Dad and babysat you and Gabe at a few of his seminars. I still have some pictures from one of them, your family had a birthday party for me and your Dad.

    I just found out about your December and am so grateful that you are ok. I will be praying that you get even stronger and that God works in mighty ways in your life. Praise Him for this miracle! So glad you see you smiling again. πŸ™‚

    Praying for your family always.


  327. Dear Breanna: Tears of joy run from my eyes as I watch this video of your miracle. And, yes, I believe in miracles. And I also prayed for you.

    A prayer for you was in my heart.
    Each morning as my day did start.
    On angels wings it rose on high.
    To reach our Father in the Sky.

    He heard our pleas your soul to keep.
    Your light to shine with passion deep.
    For many years to bless this earth,
    With your laughter, joy, and mirth.

    And with much grace, our God replied,
    Within His strength you do abide.
    Surrounded by His Love and Care.
    Your beauty that is Oh so rare.
    Does live for those you love to share.

    God Bless You, Breanna! You are an amazing little girl and I know that you will do wonderful things in your life.

    Love in Him,


  328. Dear sweet Breanna –

    I did not know you were ill! If I had, know that I would have held you in my prayers and in my heart.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful video and your life.

    I am thinking and praying for you now with love, that you remain healthy and strong.

    Geri Winters

  329. Thank you for your story. You are such a beautiful girl. I attended the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp in Orlando, Florida that your dad was supposed to lead but of course he was with you. We were all thinking about you and praying for your recovery. I am so very very happy you are well. I look forward to reading your blogs.

  330. Breanna,

    You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing your story of triumph. It made me reflect on how precious life is. It also made me run in and hug all of my kids…a little too long according to them! πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful 2011 and make all of your dreams come true!


  331. Dear Breanna (Bree as Gabe likes to call you)

    I was in UIBC “school” in Los Angeles when you were sick and your dad
    kept us up to date with how you were doing. I was so grateful for every
    bit of information because I know how scary it is when someone who is
    so loved becomes ill.

    Because your father so graciously shared what was happening, I and
    so many healers in the world, were given the opportunity to pray for
    you. As a medical intuitive, I get to “see” many people and you know what? …
    You are a most amazing young lady in the universe ~ strong, brave,
    lovely, totally inspiring and much, much more!

    I thank you, your mom and dad and Gabe for putting this video up so
    that we all can witness the love and joy the pours out of you and your

    Much, Much Love to you and your family,
    Judy Lavine

  332. Breanna and family – thank you so much for sharing the beautiful video with all of us, and the story of the power of prayer and healing meditations. Blessings to all of you and Happy New Year
    with love from one of Alex’s students.
    Los Angeles

  333. Hi Breanna,
    Wow, I did not know you were ill, however, I am very happy to see you have regained your health. Thank you for sharing your video.

    You are precious, God has a purpose for you.

    I know it was extremely difficult for your Mom, Dad, brother and you to go through this experience… a faith and character building experience for sure.

    You and your family are in my prayers.

    I wish you a long, healthy and happy life.

    Always know that you are loved by family, friends and those you haven’t even met.

    Christina & family

  334. Hi Breanna, Gabe, Aimee & Alex,

    I’ve just watched your incredibly moving video and wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for sharing such a ‘life changing’ experience.

    I’m so pleased things worked out soooooo well!

    It’s helped me to appreciate my three daughters even more than ever,… that’s for sure!

    Keep Well & Take Care!

    Pete O’Sullivan

  335. I am soooooooooo happy 4 u & ur wonderful family that u got well so fast! Ur a beautiful, blessed, sweet girl that deserves the most beautiful, healthy life! I’ll continue 2 send u many loving thoughts that you/family can carry 4 the rest of ur blessed lives! hugs hugs from San Diego – and from around the world, where I travel often!

  336. Breanna,
    We have not met but I hope we do soon. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible experience. Your story and many like it are the reasons I chose to pursue a career in holistic healing. I met your dad right before you got sick and we spoke while you were in ICU. I sent you Reiki healing and prayed, just one of many people. Thought and prayer are the most powerful medicine of all and your story proves that you are loved and surrounded by powerful and positive thoughts. Your strength is a true inspiration. I wish you well and hope that you continue to share this amazing experience.

    Love and light,

  337. Thank you for sharing your story with us. My husband and I were at UIBC in Orlando while you and your family were going through probably the scariest experience of your lives. We all sent our prayers and love and are soooo happy that you have recovered.

  338. Dear Breanna,
    I am a close and old friend of your Grandmother Carol. From the moment
    she told me of your illness I started praying and praying….
    You are such a brave little girl and have endured alot. I am so happy
    that you have made a complete recovery now.
    I have known you Dad since the day he was born. Please tell him and
    Mom how happy I am with the outcome of your recovery.
    Keep up the strength and spirit Dear Breanna and you will succeed.
    God bless you.
    Love, Grace Balayan

  339. Hi Breanna, I am so thankful you recovered to be back with your wonderful family. Your Dad is a precious angel to so many people of which I am recently one. He absolutely adores you and it pains me to think of the pain he, your Mom and brother went through while you were sleeping. There is nothing more precious than to have children, they are the biggest blessing that God offers us. I am thankful to God for answering our prayers and restoring your life. Stay safe and secure knowing that life is fragile, shine your light, you are beautiful. God bless… big hugs and kisses …xxx

  340. Hi

    I heard your dad tell your story tonight which inspired me to write this note and say how thankful to hear you are a miracle and answer to lots of prayers answered. I am a miracle too and was healed and was inspired to write a song that i would like to share with you called Be A Light. If you can send me an e-mail address i will send you an Mp3. πŸ™‚

    God Bless,

    Kris Miller

  341. I heard about you the week of December 10th when a friend told me that your Dad, the amazing Alex wasn’t teaching uibc 3. We didn’t know the details, just that you needed love and prayers. So we prayed, for you, for your Mom and Dad and your brother. Your recovery is a miracle for your family and will bring you all closer then ever before. Best of wishes to you and your family.

  342. When he was 6 my little boy got meningitis, he almost died but now he is 6’3″ and fit. Four 3 weeks after he was born my other little boy had infantile asthma and he too nearly died, but for the wonderful nursing he would have. He is now 17 and 6’5″

    My heart was with you and your family having been there. But be careful, you could grow to be very tall πŸ˜‰

    All my love.


  343. Hi Breanna
    I just recently heard your dad share your story this past Tuesday on his Tuesday Night call and I just wanted to send you this note to say hello and to say how thrilled I am that you are feeling much better and are back home with your family doing the things again, that you like to do that make you the special girl that you are.

    It’s clear that you are a very brave and strong girl. I know that must of been a very scary time for all of you. Your mom dad and brother love you dearly and because your dad is so giving to others it is no surprised to me that so many people around the world prayed for a miraculous recovery for you and WOW what a blessings to have those prayers answered. Thank you for sharing with us such a beautiful and inspiring video….it certainly lets us know just how precious life really is and how grateful we should be for each moment.

    Here’s 2U Breanna having a life filled with happiness,and great health for years to come!

    Much Love & Many Blessings to you and the family
    (a.k.a.The Talk Show Maven)

  344. Hi Breanna
    I just recently heard your dad share your story this past Tuesday on his Tuesday Night call and I just wanted to send you this note to say hello and to say how thrilled I am that you are feeling much better and are back home with your family doing the things again, that you like to do that make you the special girl that you are.

    It’s clear that you are a very brave and strong girl. I know that must of been a very scary time for all of you. Your mom dad and brother love you dearly and because your dad is so giving to others it is no surprised to me that so many people around the world prayed for a miraculous recovery for you and WOW what a blessings to have those prayers answered. Thank you for sharing with us such a beautiful and inspiring video….it certainly lets us know just how precious life really is.

    Here’s 2U Breanna having a life filled with happiness, and great health for years to come!

    Much Love & Many Blessings to you and the family
    (a.k.a the Talk Show Maven)

  345. Dear Alex and Aimee, It was a great shock to hear about your beautiful daughter’s recent illness. Spoke to Carol a couple of times before this occurred in December and all was fine.There is nothing more tragic and heart wrenching in life than to see your child fighting for her life . Our hearts go out to you both as you went through this frightening time with the medical team as they fought to save her precious life. The video is beautiful. Wish we had kept in touch the last few years.I miss your family xmas letters.Carol does keep me informed of some of our children and the grandkids’doings. We also faced some scary days as Lauren’s twins were born 6 weeks early and your Mom and many others prayed for their survival.The N.I.C.U nurses and doctors were wonderful and they are now healthy and growing fast. Also I am glad to hear Taleen has recovered from her surgery and treatments. She, too,has been through so much. I remember so well having you here with Aimee on a Holiday.I think I met Aimee before Carol did. Your Mom does not want a computer or I would send pix. If this is your e-mail and you are o.k. with pix from us let me know. I really am not computer literate in any way but I love e-mail better than the telephone these days. Love to all and bachigs to the children Sonia and Bob, Jim,Lauren and the boys Carter and Tyler

  346. Breanna,

    I am so happy for you and your family! I know trying times may not always be understood, but they definitely help put perspective in places where it is needed most.

    May you and your family rejoice in the recovery you so rightly deserve and share in the joys the future has to offer for all of you.

    Hugs and well wishes from my family (Harrison (11), Ava (9), and Anika (3), and Petra and Kevin.

    All the best.

    Kevin Aubrey

  347. Precious Breanna,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful video of you and your family. I loved the picture of you and your Mom having a sleepover in the hospital bed. When my daughter Kelly was in ICU fighting for her life quite a few years ago, I did the same thing and your sharing brought back many memories.
    When Andrew told us at LA UIBC why your dad would not be there my mind flashed back to Kelly and how quickly the word spread (we didn’t have cell phones in those days) and all the prayers and love sent to all of us and I knew without a doubt she would be OK. I immediately thought of this power and stood up and asked that all of us stand and join hands and pray for you. The power of our Wolf Pack all joining together and raising you up in the different ways each choose to pray was electrifying. I knew as I did with Kelly that God answered ours and many others requests throughout the world that asked you be healed. Even tho most of us had tears running down our faces you could feel the peace in the room as we all seemed to know you would be OK and we could continue on.

    I think the biggest lesson I take from all of this is that the power of our Creator surpasses all. Sometimes I forget to go in prayer and meditation first to get what I most need and even writing this now is a reminder to me what I need to do in order of priorities.

    Thanx once again beautiful young lady. Have lots of fun in life as it is an amazing journey. I send my love and prayers once again to you, your brother and your Mom and Dad.

    Sending lots of Angel Hugs to all of you. God Bless!

    Ruth Lightner

  348. What a beautiful message Breanna! I did not know of your struggle at the time. Had I known I would have prayed hard. So I’ll simply say a prayer of thanks for all the answered prayers. Celebrating your vibrant life!


  349. Dear Family of Four,

    WOW! You are an amazing inspiration!
    You are so lucky to be able give to others…
    May you continue to be blessed and loved by many
    With love and appreciation,

  350. Breanna,

    I’m a friend of your Dad’s and just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you not only made an amazing recovery but that you were able to battle through something like this at such a young age.

    I know what you’re probably thinking…

    “Grateful that I had to go through something like this?”

    Sounds weird right?

    The reason I’m happy for you is because you probably “knew” you were loved but this experience “showed” you how much you were loved.

    That love and support combined with your strength and determination has demonstrated that you can do and accomplish anything you want in life.

    Learning that at an early age is priceless.

    The world is your oyster kiddo… so go and get what you deserve.

    All the best,


  351. Breanna,

    I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your story.

    It is an inspiring story of hope.

    It is also one of love, so many people around the world prayed for you, sent you their love and energy.

    Please know that you are truly loved by your family, but also the world.

    Please continue to use this experience to influence and help others.

    And know that just as many have given to you, you must use this experience to give to others.

    Michael R. Drew

    P.S. Your father loves you with all of his heart, I can personally attest to this fact

  352. Breanna:
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We have not met, however I got to know you and your family when all this developed. We were expecting to train with your Dad on UIBC. I was one who was following your situation and prayed for your recovery so you could keep on bringing joy and happiness to your beautiful family.
    These eperiences help us to recognize what is most valuable in life, which ends up being health and love.

    May you have plenty of these all your life. Would love to hear how are you doing.

    With Love and to your health,


  353. Dear Breanna,

    Sending you all my love! You are amazing, delightful, extraordinary, and such a special girl to me. You worked so hard to climb out and to be fully back as your vibrant and playful self. I am so proud of you! It was such a joy for me to be there for you and I can’t wait for us to meet in person. I want to know everything about you. You are an inspiration and a light for so many. So keep shining, singing, dancing, and twirling! Sending loads of hugs – love and blessings, Deirdre

  354. Hello Breanna,

    I just met your father during the MMI event in New Jersey. Until meeting your dad I have never been around anyone as cool and grounded. I was working the UIBC event in Orlando when I found out about your stay in the hospital. I too had a rare illness when I was 7 and stayed in the hospital for 3 months. It can be scary but the love that I felt during my stay is something I will never forget. I also love brownies but after every meal not just at Christmas! I look forward to meeting you one day and send you positive waves of health and happiness. Give your dad a big hug for me.

    Have an amazing journey,
    Big Bob

  355. Hi Breanna,

    I was attending the UIBC seminar in California when I learned of your illness. During a “live” telephone call from your father, many of us, even though we didn’t know you, were moved to tears.

    I was one of many, many strangers in that room that was praying for you.

    I am so happy to hear of your recovery. Apparently, God has a special plan for you! And in time, I have no doubt that it will be revealed. I pray for your continued good health and may God bless you and your family.

    Steve Pillitu

  356. Breanna,

    Luci and I are so happy that you made it through that challenging situation with your health.

    Each day that you wake up, think about what a gift it is just to be alive and well, never take that for granted (I’m sure you wont now).

    You have a wonderful family that you can be very proud of, we saw first hand how they dropped everything in their lives to be by your side for every moment.

    You are a very special young lady,

    Lots of Love

    Andrew & Luci Lock

  357. Alex,

    Thanks for sending this. This hits every parent in the solar plexus. This sat in my inbox for awhile cuz I needed to muster the energy to absorb it all.

    I am so happy for you and for the hope it brings to every person who said a prayer for Breanna. God bless you and keep you,

    Perry Marshall

  358. Breanna,
    We prayed for you on Hanukkah nights. We prayed with friends on one of these nights. We prayed with Lisa, Riley and Gabe on another Hanukkah night. We had eight days of prayer dedicated to you.

    The power of prayer is miraculous as we can see with your recovery.

    I have seen you grow up from a distance, I have seen that fire in your eye and in your temperament that will make you strong in life.

    Talia’s cousin, had a similar experience at the age of almost 2 years, she fought to live and many prayed for her as well, she was in the ICU for 1 week. The longest week of my sister and our lives, it was a month after Talia was born. She was poked so much and had no voice from the tubes in her mouth, but when the doctors walked in she would stick her hand out pointing with her finger towards the door that they were not welcome. This is when we knew she would be okay. Because she was a fighter as you are.

    Breanna this video was beautiful and so touched our hearts, we thank you for living!!!!

    All our love to you

    Talia and Liz

  359. Hello Breanna,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I love the way you told your story. Our Prayers were answered and I am so thankful that you are well and back home with your family. I know this must have been a very scary experience for you. I am very proud of you. You are an inspiration.

    You don’t know me but I feel as though I know you. And I send you lots of love and best wishes for an exciting life.

    God bless you Brienna~ you are beautiful.

    Love,light & life,
    Bobbi Henderson

  360. Hi Breanna,

    I work with your dad and recently heard him share your story. I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am for you and your family that you are feeling so much better and are now back at home having made a full recovery!
    Thank you for sharing your miracle with us through your video and please know that you are such an inspiration to so many people. I hope I am blessed with the opportunity to meet you in the future and thank you for reminding me of how important it is to live in gratitude in each and every moment. Stay well and take care! πŸ™‚


  361. Hi Breanna
    I was at UIBC in Orlando when I heard of your illness and along with everyone else there, I held you up in prayer. I prayed for you, your family and your Doctors and Nurses. I am so thankful to know that you are healed. My 4 year old granddaughter was suddenly rushed to the hospital last November, very close to a diabetic coma – so I know how scary this was for you and your family. From the pictures in your video, I can tell that your Drs and Nurses were probably just as amazing as ours were – God’s angels here on earth!
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers, Honey! And I pray that your miracles never stop!!

  362. Hi Breanne,

    We knew through your dad that you were sick and our family prayed for you and your family. Now we are celebrating that you are well again so thank you for sharing your story! Children and grown-ups need to hear inspiring stories like yours, where one minute it seems that there was a huge problem but in a very short period of time, with inner strength, love and prayers, you were able to show the world that healing and miracles are possible for us all.

    We read this quote recently and it made us think of you…

    β€œA miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.”

    You are very blessed at such a young age to have your life create so much love, connection, and inspiration both in and from others! You are especially lucky to have such an amazing family – your brother Gabe and your parents who all love you so completely!

    Thank you for touching our lives!

    Alan and Ashley

  363. Dear Breanna,

    I am so happy to hear that you are doing better. You have an amazing father who loves you very much. You truly inspired all of the people here at UIBC5! You have a wonderful and prosperous life ahead of you!

    Best Regards,
    Christopher J Tindall

  364. Hi Breanna,

    Your father showed us a video at UIBC5 about your recent illness. He loves you very much.

    I’m glad you recovered and are doing well.

    Your father says you have a spirit like Joan of Arc. I hope you have a fun filled life. Wonderful things await you in life.

    Have a great day.

    Michael Rabinoff

  365. Dear Breanna,
    My name is Glenn. Your Daddy is my teacher. He told me and his other students about how you got sick and almost didn’t get well. But you did!!! πŸ™‚ I have a little girl (she’s a grown up, now. Her name is Amber (I call her “Ambie”). A few years ago, she was really sick, too, and she almost didn’t get well, either. But she did!!! πŸ™‚ I think both of you must have had the same Angel who was watching over each of you, protecting you both , and helping you both to get better. I hope I can get to meet you someday!


    Glenn πŸ™‚

  366. Dear Breanna

    Nice to connect with you. I share my passion with your Dad and feel awesome to know how your light shined all over the room when we play your video at UIBC Los Angeles.
    Breanna you are wonderful and special. Keep shining your light and keep sharing your passion and your gift to all those beautiful people. That Love you for who you are part of them.

    I love you I love you I love you. Big hug and kisses

    Looking forward to see you very soon.
    Take care. xoxox

    Rasta Ralph Tondreau

  367. Hi Breanna,

    I met your dad this week in a class he taught. He really is a great man but I’m sure you already know that. He loves you very very much. He showed us this video of you and I just wanted to tell you how special you are to everyone. You are a living angel! My son got really sick when he was almost 2 years old and they took him away in a helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Seattle. His grandpa was a minister and started a prayer chain across the states, and all our prayers were answered… he got well too. He is my angel. God Bless You and your family always with love, perfect health, and lot’s and lot’s of fun and happiness!!

    Blessings always!!
    Trish Ryan

  368. Im 20 years old i was hit by a car when i was 13. I was in a comma for 2weeks at childrends hospital. I just had to say God really loves us both. Im just so happy to see you pull through and i wanted to say you have the best dad on earth. Much Love Beanna… Oh and my name is Toure Bye…

  369. Breanna your life story was so touching, it made me realize more so that u arent suposse to take life for granted . your special .:) countinue too touch people with your story GOD BLESS luv cweezy πŸ™‚

  370. Hello Breanna,
    I just recently heard about you and what you and your family went through last year. I am glad you are healthy now! Your story has helped me to focus more on what matters most to me and what matters in life; people we love and the connection we all have to each other and the power of Love and Prayer and intention. πŸ™‚

    I look forward to meeting you in person and would like to give you a hug. Ask everyone in your family to give you a big hug for me in the mean time, okay?

    Much Light, Love and many blessings to you and your family,

  371. Simply wish to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is simply cool and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

  372. Aloha Breanna,
    When Andrew shared with us your pictures in the hospital at UIBC3 LAX in December, there were over 318 of us in the room holding hands, holding space, and praying for your speedy recovery in our hearts. As we went into prayer, in that moment, I know that many of us, including myself saw your angelic self as bright, healthy, happy and back in your parents arms. There is tremendous power in healing prayers, and in the love that your family, friends, (and new friends) have for you. We are all glad you recovered fully, as there are many things you are going to be doing in this world to make it a better, safer, and more loving place as an Enlightened Spiritual (Warrior) Princess. Keep your Light shining brightly, and keep smiling! (We cheered with happiness when we heard you awakened the next day). When your Dad shared your video last week a the UIBC 5 (LAX) with us, and gave us an update, it was great to see and hear that you’re doing so well.

    Have fun now! (Hope to meet you some day too!)

    Take care now. Keep smiling!


    Dr. Jan

  373. Hi Breanna-

    What an incredible story that you unfortunately had to endure. I know we don’t know each other, but I had the pleasure of spending all last week with your dad at UIBC5 in LA. We, of course, never know what we are in store for at these conferences, but it was a joy to see how it all unfolded in a positive way and that you are “ok.”

    I work in medicine (I fix people’s hearts), and I truly understood what your family was going though from the other side (the doctor side). I am not a mommy yet, but could see the love on your dad’s face for you as he told us your story.

    Here’s to a new beginning for you. May your life take you places you didn’t even know existed, let it make you smile everyday, and be sure to live life to it’s fullest!!!

    You are a beautiful young woman!
    Warm wishes,
    Andrea Scala πŸ™‚

  374. I just met your Dad recently on a teleseminar and saw this when I looked up his blog.
    I didn’t know what you were all going through.
    I’m sorry that you had to struggle so and am so glad you’re healthy now!
    You’re an amazing girl and your smile warms the heart!

    Best of luck in your future,

    Nancy Dana

  375. Breanna,

    You are so sweet and brave to share your story. I have a friend your age who is very sick and I showed her your video.
    She wants to be stromg like you – THANK YOU

    I met your Dad at UIBC5 and when he spoke about you his heart sang!

    My Very Best to YOU
    Michele Foster

  376. Dear Breanna,

    I often wonder if you can fathom how much we all Love You.

    You deserve to enjoy a long healthy strong life and celebrate your comings each and every day for life

    Hugs and love from UK <- the place to Be!

    Your fans,

    Iram and Lubna Hamid

  377. Breanna, when we watched your video at UIBC5 it took me back to when my daughter was two. She had a status seizure that they could not stop. By the time they let me back in the room she had monitors and tubes connected from head to toe and her face was so swollen and she had been intubated. You see those pictures of you are the same ones I have inbedded in my mind- I almost walked out of the room that day because I could not contain my tears -but I realize that you, my daughter and many others who have had an experience like this are truly a gift to your family and friends and you are here to teach us so many things like patience, tollerance , acceptance and to love and care for eachother. We definately know you are so loved- your daddy cannot say enough about you and your brother! Keep well and thank you for sharing your story.

    Silvia Loschiavo
    British Columbia

  378. Dear Breanna,

    Your father shared his story recently to a group of us. As a father of six children, it’s inspiring to see your video, your strength. Keep smiling!



  379. Breanna,

    I am so excited and proud of you – and that you are healthy and better. You are such a strong, brave and courageous young woman – especially to have overcome what you did. You always have had many Angels around you – and you did in the hospital – so remember they are with you in all you do.

    You are blessed with the gift of life and health – and you inspire many people – this is one of your special gifts. Continue to be the special beautiful angel you are, and keep inspiring and sharing your love. You have inspired me.

    My love and energy is always with you – whether I am there or not.

    Your Godfather – Jim

  380. Breanna,
    Wow, I was moved and cried when I saw this at a seminar your dad was teaching.

    My daughter, Maggie was born on Dec. 31st, 2001. She hard a time coming into this world and was taken to Children’s hospital in Denver where she made it! They figured out how to save her life too!

    I look at every child now (especially little girls about her age) with different eyes and see that we are miracles and NOTHING is ever impossible!

    You are loved, I could see that a mile away when your dad was talking about you, Gabe and your mom.

    You are so lucky to have a fabulous family that has the wisdom to know what to do to make you well.

    Continued health and happiness for you and your most incredible family!

    Laura and Maggie! πŸ™‚

  381. Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful and moving story, Breanna! I am a graduate of your Dad’s recent program in Sydney – UIBC6 and am a huge fan of your Dad’s work. You are all indeed blessed and in the process, all of you bless us with your inspiration and example.

    Wishing you continued great health and that you will continue to share your positive energy and love with the world!

  382. How powerful is the internet little lady πŸ™‚
    From across the world you made me smile , made me cry a little and made me so happy.
    I did not know you or your story till today.
    But I work as a nurse in Intensive Care at a childrens hospital in Australia. Wonderful people like you young lady are what keeps me doing that job cause it is such important work.
    You are proof of that.
    Simply – YOU ROCK πŸ™‚
    And the reason your very cool father can speak with such passion and such heart a – is that your heart is still beating.
    Because you are so obviously a huge part of his heart πŸ™‚
    Take care always – and treasure every day – as your parents will always because they came so close to losing one of their greatest treasures (yes your brother is treasure too so there Nyah Nyah! ) Hee Hee .
    God or whoever you pray to – Bless you and Keep you
    Arj oox

  383. G’day Breanna,
    Your Dad kindly told your story to all of us at UIBC6 in Sydney, and your experience touched my heart.

    Thankyou so much for reminding us all of the power of prayer and the preciousness of life.

    May you be blessed with infinite love and gratitude, and continue lighting the world with the brightness of your being.

    Amanda McKenzie

  384. Hi Breanna

    At the recent seminar in Singapore,your dad shared briefly that he almost lost you.

    That’s an awesome testimony of the love of God for you. I cannot imagine the trauma your parents and brother must have gone through when you were in the ICU. But, praise the Lord, you are well now. I have no doubt that there is a great call on your life. You are special.


  385. Breanna –

    Your bravery and the love you have for your parents and brother Gabe will keep you strong all of your life. I am grateful you have survived the long 10 days that changed your life. I have heard you on the phone when your dad teaches me, and, I am glad to know your voice will lead you places just like your dad. He is a kind man, I know this because I met him at a conference in Florida a few years ago, and, my life has never been the same. I am more aware of who I am. I am still the girl, although grown up now, who spent time in the hospital fighting for my next breath as a child too. All the best to you in your life, as many of us work to bring Wealth, Health, Peace and love across the globe.

    Catch a hug you little loving Diva!

    Jill Reed

  386. Breanna,

    When I worked at CHO [I know RIGHT where Lucky Bed 13 is~] I had the incredible honor of helping children through very rough times, and supporting their parents while they stood by their children.

    Although I didn’t know about your event as it was happening, I do pray every day for the PICU and all its patients, their families, the doctors and nurses, respiratory therapists and lab techs, the ward clerks- everyone who is there creating time and space for children who need it.

    I’m glad you got well. Thank *you* for the lovely video. It makes my heart sing.

    Blessings on your head.
    Jan Patterson, RN

  387. Life is always fragile and so great to feel the moment and the experience told us to cherish when we still have it, whatever may it be.
    Enjoy and be happy dear Bree:)
    God bless!

    Xiankun from Singapore.

  388. Hi Breanna

    At seminar in New Jersey, your Dad shared your story with us. I can tell you it truly touched my heart. It shows the power of love.

    Great job on your web-site.

    With happiness and love
    Jim Oldfield
    Oshawa, Ontario CANADA

  389. Breanna,

    When my father told me you were sick I didn’t know you or anyone in your family but I preyed for you and had my whole family do the same. I kept in contact with my dad almost every day to make sure you were ok and he finally gave me the good news you pulled through.

    I got to know your father last week and he is one of a kind. Hes love for you and your family is through the roof. I look forward to meeting you one day along with your brother and mother. Keep doing amazing!!

    With Love,

    Jesse Eker

  390. Hi Breanna,

    I met your daddy recently when he was in Sydney. After the event (UIBC6) I watched your video and cried so much I couldn’t see the keyboard to leave a message. You see I have a daughter not much younger than you and I felt your mom’s pain like it was mine. I wanted to come back and say that I am so glad that you recovered fully, you are truly inspiring. And what an amazing thing you have done by putting together a thank you like this, Wow.

    If you ever come to Sydney with your Family and want a play-date look us up, we’d be honoured.

    I’m sure you’ll do amazing things with your life.

    All our love,
    Donna, Mick, Charlie and Shamus xxxx

  391. What an inspirational story!!Thank you and your parents for sharing this beautiful story with the world!!

    You are beautiful, brave,amazing young lady Breanna!!!
    May you be blessed for the rest of your life.
    May your life be inspiration for millions of people.
    May your life be filled with bountiful love, wisdom, beauty and bliss.

    With a loving hug,
    Kristina Lukawska

  392. Hi Breanna,

    You don’t know it yet — but you have already had an effect on my life.

    So — thank YOU.

    I said a little prayer to the big guy for you back in December when this happened — and I’m looking forward to meeting you sometime…



  393. Hello Breanna,
    Your story is beautiful and inspiring. I would like to post it on my website if you allow me to.

    I first heard about your story in April, when your Dad shared it with us at UIBC in New Jersey. He loves you from the deepest of his heart and it was beautiful to see him unconsciously expressing this. I am glad that you are fully recovered and now you can give back love to your family members. I know just your Dad, because he was our great teacher for a week in NJ, and from what I have learned from this man giving his best on a stage for an entire week is that he deserves to be loved as much as he loves his family and his students.

    Just to give you an example..Your Dad is an incredible man. He brings many people on a stage, on a certain spot he calls the “healing center” and direct everyone present to give love to that specific person who needs to receive in order to heal. To be able to do this, your Dad needs to be really strong…and he doesn’t allow himself to cry, just wiping, may be! For sure, in front of his students he would not accept to be on his healing center spot and allow his students to give back to him..he didn’t in NJ.

    For these reasons, because your Dad is a strong and an incredible man. I have something really special to ask you. From you, he will accept because you are one of the most important person in his family of four. I am sure you are already giving him a lot of love. I thought that may be, in order to give him more, you could try this trick.
    What about if you hide some love notes, signed by you, where he would not expect to find them? Like under his pillow, in his socks (the clean ones πŸ˜‰ ), in the pocket of his shirt, under his toothbrush. etc. I am sure you can find many surprising spots. You can do that to your mom and brother and tell them it is a secret..so you would share a secret with each one and each one would not know they have the same secret with you. This is just an idea..May be you do that already..May be you have an other trick that double what you give him..If so, I thank you! My feeling is that your Dad needs a lot of love right now.

    Now, may be you should erase this part of the message so he won’t see it and you will keep your trick for you.

    I thank you again for sharing your story Breanna and I am so happy to know that your Dad has a great family who can give him a lot of love because he deserves it. Please let me know if I can post your story on my website. I wish you a great summer and great exciting adventures! All my best to You!

  394. Just listened to an interview of Alex with Perry Marshall. I cried in my car at your story and couldn’t wait to get back to my computer to watch this video. Though I wasn’t aware of your story then, I prayed now for your continued health and thanked God for the miracle and power of prayer and support that surrounded you and your family as you were ill. You are precious!

  395. Breanna,

    I just heard your dad tell your story and I rushed to your website to watch your video. You are beautiful and I’m so glad you’re all better!

    Have a wonderful life:)


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